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How do we tell if the .nyc TLD is a success?

Making Measurement Indicators


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Cities Moving Toward TLDs
Bold = Global Cities.
  • Athens
  • Basel
  • Barcelona
  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Hamburg
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Melbourne
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • Naples
  • New York
  • Ottawa
  • Paris
  • Quebec
  • Rome
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Venice   











Today, more than 1/2 the world's population lives in urban areas. By mid-century that's expected to rise to 75%. With the ICANN having approved a new TLD process, more than 30 cities have already expressed an interest in acquiring Top Level Domains. Fourteen of those are Global Cities, the engines of growth for their countries, the gateways to the resources of their regions, and important nodes on the global economic system.

We are moving to a world where city TLDs have an impact on the future of humanity and we need measurements to discern their impact. 

Moving From Tradition to the New Reality

Entities that traditionally sell domain names as their business are currently urging cities to accept their “the-more-names-sold-the-better” business model. We see a more appropriate model for cities presenting indicators such as the level of improvement in children's education, in residents efficiently provided health care, with the increased number of local communication channels, on how well the digital divide has been reduced, etc. These are the measurements that count for cities, not the number of domain names sold. This page seeks to identify such measurables.

    What's to be done?

    The ICANN's New TLD process is moving forward and we need a baseline study as to the options and opportunities, and impacts of city TLD. We've proposed a CARPA Study with measurables as one component. With this page we begin to identify possible actions and impacts of a city TLD.

    Measuring the Success of a City-TLD

    The following is our first whack at success indicators. Suggestions are welcomed.

    City TLD Success Metrics
    METRIC Number
    Percent Millions
    city businesses on the TLD  x  x  
    government services using the TLD  x  x  
    smart portals aiding access to city resources  x    
    jobs created developing and operating smart portal  x    
    civic organizations using the TLD  x  x  
    improvement in digital literacy
    schools with digital safety courses  x  x  
    properties (block and lots) using their city domain name x
    transportation stations/terminals using their city domain name 
     x  x  
    streets with active domain names  x  x  
    buses using their city domain name  x  x  
    taxis using their city domain names  x  x  
    residents with online access to their health records and resources  x x
    TLD registry jobs created in city  x  x  
    TLD registrar jobs created in city  x  x  
    Revenue remaining in city from domain names switched to the .nyc registry from from .com, .net, .us and other outside registries.      millions
     Online advertising revenue on .nyc sites thus remaining in city.

    Remember, this is a wiki. Please add your thoughts.

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