I spent most of my second week doing some Xinha UI work with Doug. Our broad directive was to improve the Xinha user experience, so we started by talking with Sonali and Bryan about known interface bugs and quirks, and got a good idea of where some of the major usability shortcomings are. My general thoughts on WYSIWYG editors for HTML-based content are that they’re almost always mediocre and are hard to do well as full-fledged desktop applications, and are even tougher to do well as web-based apps. To date, I’ve never seen any browser-based WYSIWYG editor that didn’t require me to either fight its idiosyncricities or delve into the source to get it to do exactly what I wanted it to. Xinha has come a long way, but there’s definitely still a lot of work to be done.

We decided to start by concentrating on Xinha’s popup dialogs, which are used in plugins all over the place, e.g., for adding a link or inserting an image. Since many people find popups annoying, not to mention the fact that they interfere with people’s popup-blockers, we decided to look into converting the existing popups into lightboxes. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, we looked at several different options for lightbox libraries. I hadn’t realized just how many lightbox libraries have (no pun intended) popped up over the past year or two. Unfortunately, many of them have significant downsides: some aren’t released under free licenses, and more than a few appear to no longer be under active development. We ultimately opted to give nyroModal a shot, since it has had more than one release, uses JQuery, is relatively full-featured, and is released under an MIT license.

Not long after we started using nyroModal, however, we came across a branch of Xinha called new-dialogs that was started a few months ago by one of the core Xinha developers. As its name suggests, the branch is a major update to Xinha’s dialog system and has had a significant amount of work put into it. Details of its development can be found in the change history for ticket #1176. In short, it does almost exactly what we were hoping to do, and overall, does it quite well.

Interestingly, new-dialogs does not use any of the aforementioned libraries for its lightboxes. Instead, it includes its own lightbox code written from scratch. Its dialogs are resizable, draggable, and even dockable, though I’m not sure how necessary (or even desirable) the first two are for a modal system.

Much of what’s left to do with new-dialogs is to transition all of the plugins that use the old popup dialogs over to the new system. Doug and I have started working on this process by updating the UnFormat plugin.  Doug has since done the BackgroundImage plugin and I’ve done the Abbreviation and FindReplace plugins. There are still quite a few plugins to go, but once the rest are updated there shouldn’t be much holding us back from making the jump to a popup-free Xinha.

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  1. Hi,
    I just read this blog post. Glad you liked my plugin.
    If I well understood, you finally choose to write your own code, right?
    What was the problem with my plugin? Maybe I can work on it and write some code to produce a plugin more flexible?

    And keep going with your WYSIWYG.

    Comment by Nyro on August 13, 2008 at 6:45 pm

  2. Your plugin was actually quite flexible and met all our basic needs better than the other plugins we looked at. The reason we didn’t use it was that someone else had already done exactly what we wanted to do (replace Xinha’s popup windows with lightboxes), and he had written all of the code from scratch, so the lightbox work was mostly done.

    Good luck with nyroModal! I’m going to be working on a personal project soon, and I might be using it for that.

    Comment by nicholasbs on August 14, 2008 at 10:43 am

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