• Zurich-Sprint 2014

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  • This sprint is open to any python-related topic and everyone interested getting to know people in that field.
  • Special treat: We're planning to visit a local brewery.


August 11th 10:00 to 15th 2014



At the city center of Zurich, Hirschengraben 7 (New Location!) StreetView Map



Current topics: 


vom Donnerstag, 14.8. bis Freitag, 15.8. spezieller Verein OneGov.ch Entwicklersprint zum Produkt OneGov Box und OneGov GEVER

  • Track CI
  • Einheitliche User-Experience (CI)
  • Track Single Sign On
  • mehrere Webanwendungen (Plone, Rails, Pyramid)
  • Track "Online Zusammenarbeiten":
  • Google Docs
  • External Editor vs. Sharepoint
  • WebODF
  • Track Technologien
  • Plone 5.0
  • Dexterity 2.1
  • ExtJS-Alternativen
  • Track GEVER:
  • User Experience
  • eCH-0039: Austausch Arbeitsraum - GEVER
  • Sitzungs- und Protokollverwaltung: Konzept
  • Activity Stream
  • Track Integration seantis Module in iZug (OneGov Work)
  • Personenverzeichnisse (seantis.dir.xxx, seantis.people)
  • Ersetzen von Mitglieder und Kontaktblock

Donnerstag Nachmittag: User Gruppe OneGov GEVER

Freitag Nachmittag ab 15:00 bis 17:00 Open House mit anschl. Apéro


    • Just to make it perfectly clear: This sprint is OPEN for everybody and our space is almost unlimited 
    • Become a member of this project to subscribe and add your name to the list 
    1. Peter Holzer / hpeter / agitator Weblösungen / BlueDynamics Alliance / Zurich (Mo-Fr)
    2. Peter Morger, www.zh.ref.ch / Montag bis Freitag
    3. Ale Rimoldi (Mi-Fr?)
    4. Sil Foiera (Mo-Fr) 
    5. Entwickler 4teamwork AG (Do/Fr)
    6. Entwickler Seantis GmbH (Do/Fr) 

    What else:

    We will be visiting a local brewery and socialize afterwards at a dinner together, if you're interested visiting a local brewery:

    1. Peter Holzer
    2. Sil Foiera 
    3. Peter Morger


    So far the cheapest accomodations are



    The sprint itself is free of charge, however you will be responsible for your own room and board. 


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