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Help > Project Preferences
The Project Preferences section allows project administrators to change project security, add a project picture, and add tools to the project.


Changing your project's title­

­To change the name of your project, enter a new name in "name" field and click "Update" at the bottom of the page. Although the name of your project will change, the URL will remain the same.­­


Project security

You can choose between three security settings for your project. Each level allows different people to edit and view your project. You can change your project security at any time.

­ If anyone can view your proj­e­c­t:­ Any visitor to CoActivate, logged in or not, will be able to see your project.

If any CoActivate members can contribute to your project:­ Any person with a CoActivate username can edit your wiki.

If only team members can contribute to your project: Only the "project team," people connected to the project and approved by a project administrator, can edit the wiki.­

If only team members can view, contribute, or search for this project: Your project is hidden from public view. Only project members can see your project and edit your wiki.­



Select which tools you want to use by clicking the box to the left of the tool name. If you wish to remove a tool from your project, just return to Project Preferences and deselect that box. However, removing a tool from your project will delete any information stored in that tool. For example, if you created a to-do list with Task Tracker, and then removed Task Tracker from your project, your to-do list would be erased.

Learn more about Blogs­, Mailing Lists, and ­Task Tracker­.

Select the home page for your project: allows you to pick which page visitors will see first when they visit your project. You can only pick one, and you can only select tools that you have added to your project.­

D­on't see wha­t you're looking for? Use our help form to let us know­, and we'll get back to you ­as soon as possible. ­

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