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  • Why CoActivate?

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CoActivate is a platform for civic communication, collaboration, and activism.

Whether your group is mobilizing voters, planning a protest, or growing a garden, CoActivate can help you become more effective.  Use CoActivate's wikis, mailing lists, blogs, task management and team management tools to:

  • Help your group stay engaged and in touch between face-to-face meetings
  • Build a knowledge base around the issues you promote
  • Plan and coordinate conferences, sprints and other events
  • And more!  Join the User's Group and talk to other site users and developers about how you're using the site.

CoActivate is Free.

Using CoActivate costs nothing, no matter how many projects or team members you have.

CoActivate is also 100% ad-free.

And CoActivate runs entirely on free, open-source software.


CoActivate is Independent.

CoActivate was originally developed at a non-profit organization, and has been serving civic and community organizations, activists and planners, and loosely forming groups since 2005.  Since 2010 it has been hosted and maintained by Ethan Jucovy, a professional software developer based in New York, with support from its community of users and developers. 

CoActivate does not depend on sponsors, advertisers, or any single company's strategic interest or roadmap.


CoActivate respects your privacy.

Any personal information you give us, such as an email address, will not be shared or sold. 

Projects on CoActivate can either be publicly viewable, or accessible only to team members.

Individual team members can also opt to be "unlisted", meaning that their membership in a project will not be publicly viewable even if the project is public.

CoActivate's project tools also let you set up more complicated privacy settings -- for example, a project with a public wiki and blog, but members-only mailing lists and to-do lists; or even a project with a public wiki, a public mailing list, and additional members-only or administrators-only wikis and mailing lists.


CoActivate respects your data.

All content you produce on CoActivate is your own; CoActivate makes no copyright claims over your content, and does not impose any licensing restrictions on your content.

Your data on CoActivate will always be safe and secure.

CoActivate provides complete "export" tools so that you can back up your own content, and take it with you to another platform.  Data exports on CoActivate make use of standard file formats so that you'll never be stuck with one vendor or software system.  CoActivate gives you comprehensive exports of all your data, including full wiki history, mailing list archives, project settings, membership, etc.

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