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What is a Wiki?

Wikis are editable documents that are stored online. Editing content is easy—just click on the “edit” tab at the top-right of any page and make whatever changes you wish. Every change is saved so you can compare different versions and edit without fear of losing or overwriting good ideas. Since remembers who­ makes changes to pages, you must be logged in to edit.

Editing a page

­ Editing a page is easy­. Just click on the "edit" button at the top right portion o­f the screen. When the new page loads, edit the content just as you would with a regular word processor. Bold, underline, font sizes, and other tools are located on the gray toolbar at the top.

When you finish editing, click "save" at the bottom of the page to save your changes and return to "view" mode.

If you receive an "insufficient privileges" ­message
Y­ou need to become a member of that project to edit the page. Click the green "join project" link and wait for the project administrator to add you.

If you are comfortable with HTML­­
U­se the "<>" button on the toolbar to switch to ­HTML mode.
­ ­

Creating a new page

  ­ To create a new page, enter "edit" mode, and enclose the name of a new page in ( (double parentheses) ). ­­­When you click "save," the name will become a link. Clicking that link creates the new page.

  If you place ( (double parentheses) ) ­around the name of an existing page, it will become a link to that existing page.

­ Pictures and images

­­To add a picture to your page­
Click the "image" button on the gray toolbar.  A window will pop-­up and allow you to select an image from your computer, resize the image, and then place it where you last left your cursor. ­

To make an image smaller or larger
Click on the image, and drag it to the desired size.­ ­

Adding attachments

You can add an attachment, such as a Word or .pdf file, to your wiki and link directly to it with text on the page.

Adding an attachment
To add an attachment, edit your wiki, and then click on "Manage attachments" at the bottom of the page. From here, you can browse for a file on your computer, upload it to the wiki, and give it a name so others know what the file contains.

Link to an attachment
To link to an attachment from text on your page, enclose the name of the attachment in ( (double parentheses) ) and click "save." The wiki will recognize that the text is the same as the name of the attachment, and will create a link directly to that file.

Viewing a wiki's history

­A wiki will record each change that someone makes. Visitors to a project can also see past editions of a wiki page, and members who can edit a wiki can also restore a previous version.

Viewing a wiki's history
To see all the past changes made to a wiki, click on "history" in the top right corner, and click on a version. A wiki's history lists all previous edits, and shows how that wiki changed over time.

Comparing changes to a wiki
You can also compare two versions of a wiki side-by-side. In "history," select two versions to compare, by clicking their respective checkboxes, and then click "compare." All the changes from version to version are displayed, including text additions and deletions.

Restoring a previous version
If you find an old edition of a wiki that you like better than the current version, you can restore that old wiki to be the current version. Click on the version you like best, and then click "revert to this version" in the top right corner of the page.

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