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  • "Watch this page" button shifted, and assorted fixes

last modified June 25, 2010 by egj

The "watch this page" button on wiki pages has been moved alongside "HISTORY", and now works again. This and other changes in a site upgrade tonight.

The site's software has just been upgraded to fix a few bugs:

  • Fixed some typos in site search results and wiki history
  • In a project's summary page, the links for a blog post's comments and author are now correct
  • When a new user is signing up for an account, the error "passwords do not match" no longer appears before the user has finished filling out the form
  • Better support for international text in mailing lists
  • The "watch this page" feature on project wikipages is now sending out emails again as it should


And speaking of "watch this page", the user interface has shifted slightly, per a user request.  The text "You are not watching this" at the top of all wikipages has been replaced with a small "WATCH" button on the top right-hand side of the page, next to "VIEW", "EDIT" and "HISTORY".  This way it takes up less real estate on the screen, and sits alongside the other "control" buttons for a page.  Thanks to Danyl Strype for pointing out the problem.