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  • Visual changes to

last modified July 27, 2010 by egj

In the past week some visual tweaks have been made to the site to improve readability.

In the past week I've made some visual changes on

  • Font sizes have been increased across the board for easier readability - thanks to Snaky for the suggestion
  • The sidebar on a project's blog (Search This Blog - Archives - Categories) is now shaded light gray and a thin line separates it from the blog's main content section, to visually distinguish between the two sections - thanks to Tom for the suggestion
  • The site-wide content listings have been restyled and will hopefully look better now, particularly the Search Results pages for people and for projects
  • The "Newest Projects" and "Updated Projects" sections on the site's homepage have been restyled to visually conform with similar widgets elsewhere on the site

Though I tested the changes fairly extensively before deploying them, I am aware of one small bug introduced by the changes, which I'll address shortly - a visual compression on the tiled list of team members on a project's Summary page, making it hard to see the names of the people involved with the project.  (Update: this has now been fixed.)  If you spot any other visual problems please let us know and I'll address them ASAP.

And, as always, feel free to get in touch if there's anything you'd like to see changed about the site, or join the Coactivate Users' Group if you would like to get involved in ongoing discussions about using and developing the site.