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  • New feature: search for members by location

last modified July 28, 2010 by egj

A new feature has been launched that allows you to find members based on the location field in their profile.

A user got in touch with the following request:

I live in Christchurch City, Linwood Community, Canterbury New Zealand.  I want to check for local people and projects in this region without have to search through every letter of the alphabet. Can I suggest a site search that will enable me to bring up members in local areas.

I've just deployed a new Location Search feature to help address this need.  You can use it to search for members by the "location" they have listed in their profile.  The list of members returned by the search will also show you what projects each member is involved with, so you can use it to find projects with members in local areas.

You can access the Location Search by clicking on the "People" link in the site header.  There you'll see a new "Search by Location" widget alongside the existing Member Search and Browse By Letter options.

Tips on Searching

  • By default the search terms you enter are "OR"ed, so if you type in New Zealand it will return members in New York as well as members in New Zealand.
  • To search for an exact string consisting of multiple words, surround it with quotes.  So if you type in "New Zealand" it will only return members in New Zealand.
  • To search for members matching all the words you search for, use the word "AND".  So if you type in Portland and Oregon it will return members in Portland, Oregon, but it will not return members in Portland, Maine or anywhere else in Oregon.