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  • Help Beta-Test Our Newest Editor

last modified August 29, 2010 by egj

We're getting ready to upgrade CoActivate's editor for wiki pages and blog posts. Site users can now preview the new editor and help to beta-test it.

We're getting ready to upgrade CoActivate's version of Xinha, the WYSIWYG editor you use when editing wiki pages or blog posts on the site.

The new version includes a lot of changes -- some of the most notable are:
 * Support for users of Safari and Opera browsers
 * A new system for pop-up dialogs
 * Many new translations of the interface

It also has a simpler and cleaner configuration mechanism, which should make it easier to roll out custom functionality for editing pages and blog posts on CoActivate in the coming months.

The basics are all working well now (for example, I'm writing this post in the upgraded editor) but there are still details to be ironed out and more testing to be done.  So I'm inviting users of CoActivate to help beta-test the upgraded editor before we roll out the chage for all users.

If you're interested in helping to beta-test the new editor and find any bugs that might be lurking, drop me a line and I'll set your CoActivate account to use the new version of the editor.  (Don't worry, if it's not working well for you I can easily undo this, too.)  If you'd like a preview but rather not enable it for your own projects, you can try it out on the Sandbox project -- I've enabled it there for all users.  (Note: any logged-in member of CoActivate can edit that project's wiki pages, but you'll have to request membership if you want to write blog posts there.)

If you do decide to try it out, please drop us a line with any feedback you have, good or bad.  If all goes smoothly, you hopefully won't notice much difference at all.  After some users have tried it out and I've tested it more extensively too, I'm planning on rolling out the upgrade sitewide in a few weeks.

So, if you'd like to help test the new editor before we roll it out sitewide, let me know­ and I'll enable it for your account.­