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  • September Update

last modified September 16, 2017 by danielstrypeybruce

A quick update, much delayed, this post was originally started in May (thus the timestamp)

Kia ora and greetings CoActivate family, I just finished clearing out a couple of months worth of spam. Ethan, our admin and lead developer, has broadened the scope of the spamcatcher he built into CoActivate some time ago, but somehow a few spammers are still getting through. If you notice any other groups that appear to be vehicles for linkspam, please let us know through the CoActivate Users Group, or by sending an email to help-(at) Any suggestions on ways to stop automated spam are most welcome.

Over the last few months, Ethan and I have been making some attempts to recruit some more free code techies to help us improve CoActivate. Bringing new people into an ongoing project that people depend on is a delicate process, which involves building trust, and finding ways new project members can start to contribute, without putting them directly in control of mission critical nuts and bolts right away. One way to do this is to identify parts of the service that can be separated off, and put new members in charge of setting up the new modules, so their work can be checked before it's connected to the main system. More news on our progress with this as it develops.

As always, we welcome any feedback from users about how CoActivate can be improved, and especially offers of help.