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  • Disk usage monitoring added to CoActivate servers using

last modified January 8, 2019 by danielstrypeybruce

Ethan has added disk monitoring to the CoActivate servers, using the hosted version of

Happy new calendar year everyone! Apologies again to any CoActivate users or visitors who had trouble reading or editing wiki pages in November or December last year. Thanks again to anyone who filled in error reports after ending up on the 'Oops Something Happened ' page. Those reports really helps Ethan to understand how serious a problem is, and figure out what's going wrong. Here's Ethan's summary of the what happened last month, and what he's done about it.

"The disk got too full to run the periodic database shrinking tool, which meant it eventually filled up altogether, causing the error. I added some better monitoring for this so hopefully won't happen again".

Ethan also mentioned that the tool he is using for disk usage monitoring, alerts, and automation, is

"It's my favorite cloud management/sysadmin/devops tool ...  it's the hosted version of their AGPL platform, run by a startup in Greece founded by a good friend of mine who I first met when he started submitting patches to OpenCore ~10+ years ago".

As always, do let us know if you come across any odd behaviour on the site, either by reporting it in the user group email list, or by emailing help at