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  • admin message to edge cases

last modified April 9, 2016 by danielstrypeybruce


I'm Strypey, one of the CoActivate admins. We have the usual problems of any web host with spammers abusing our community service, so if we're not sure your project isn't spam, we change the security settings so that it is invisible to anyone who isn't one of your team members. If you want to keep your CoActivate project, please add more information about your group and its community projects. Once you have done that, if you want your CoActivate project to be publicly visible, you can change the 'Security' setting under the green 'Preferences' button.

Please note that setting up a proper user, with a different name to that of your new project, and adding more information to your user profile, for example a photo as a profile pic, makes it easier to tell that you are a genuine user, not a spammer.

Thanks for using CoActivate.