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Leonardo J. Caballero G.

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Leonardo J. Caballero G.
Mérida, Venezuela
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I am native from Maracaibo, Venezuela, I a graduated of the “Academia de Software Libre” of Fundacite Mérida as "Especialista en Desarrollo en Software Libre" and also a graduate of the Colegio Universitario “Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacín” as “Técnico Superior Universitario en Informática”, currently I am a member of the CENDITEL Foundation community, where I serves as Developer on Free Technology, I am advisor to Venezuelan government agencies regarding issues of community collaboration and free software development. I have experience using Free Software since 2002, I have been participated as a collaborator in the Internationalization process and Spanish localization in many Open Source and Free Software projects, I am an active contributor in Venezuelans projects like "CANAIMA GNU/Linux", "SAID", and others. Since 2006 in charge of testing tools that facilitate the process of structuring and publishing content. Also I contributes to improvement continuous of source code in several “third party products of Plone CMS”, “OpenCore Software” (used on "" Website) and recently “Django” too, I am a collaborator of PloneGov communities as CommunesPlone (Belgian), Open eGov (USA), I am a founding member of Venezuelan Plone community, recently is technical reviewer of Packt publishing Editorial in the cookbook called “Plone Intranet”.
Social Network, Internationalization, Localization, Plone Archetypes, Zope, Python, Web Services, Web 2.0, Free Software, GNU/Linux

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