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Saara Hannula

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Saara Hannula
Helsinki, Finland
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Saara Hannula (b. 1978) is a Helsinki-based artist working at the intersection of performance, visual art and architecture. The focal point of her work lies in the connection between the human body and the architectural surroundings, a theme which she has researched through different media for several years. Her own works, ranging from performance installations to urban interventions, have been shown at a number of art venues in Finland and abroad, including Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki and Robert Wilson Watermill Center in Watermill, New York. Currently, Saara works as an artistic director at the Reality Research Center, a Helsinki-based performing arts collective whose works aim to challenge the traditional structures and perspectives of theatre and performance art. During the past five years, she has participated in the creation and development of a number of new performance concepts and performative methods, most of which are based on active audience participation and process-oriented thinking. Within the next two years, the Reality Research Center will be developing a so called Utopian Reality, which invites artists to relocalize their artistic practice and use it outside the context of art in order to spur social change.

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