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Gene Smith - understanding where tagging is today

First wave model - Flickr and Delicious - they provided APIs that allowed for academic research. Whats been the new innovation - closing traditional structures and that of flat tagging systems.

  1. Market demand for more structures
  2. Auto manual floksonomy that consist of both algorhythimic and manual approaches to crate different results
  3. Leverage community to augment tagging systems
  4. forces us to rethink paste layering - pushing tags to more durable levels - Stewart Brand (how buildings learn)
    1. society moves in diff speeds.
    2. Peter Morville - slower durable layers - like facets and taxonomies -

Marsha Baits

Cory Doctorow

Wisabi... (like mint)

Sticky tags and non sticky tags

Etsy - define a set of top level cats that the people have provided.

small amount of symantecs takes tagging a long way.

Business value of tags - they make the products better

the market really demands it

reduce the economic and cognitive costs of vocabulary






== Expand on experience of adding a "smart filter"
(what you get when you click a tag or an author name in an article)

Nobody notices that you can click on these things.  If we use the current way of exposing how you can filter on an article, how do you make it obvious that you can click on an author's name and get a filter? How do we expose further information, even with just tags it can become kind of cluttered.

Is it sensible the current way or should it be a separate experience altogether? eg click something prominent to reveal a lightbox that has all the things you might want to create filters from ? Is it worth doing for some and not others?

== Expand on the experience of adding filters that don't come from article details
(eg digg filter, delicious filter, star filters... )

This is intended to be a growing list of things like little apps.  How do you discover them? Know what they do? Configure them? This is a very short list for now, but already it includes some of the more interesting filters. These shouldn't go unnoticed or be difficult to understand.

== Define 'Social' Experience

I want something that makes it easy to promote things that people I like have starred (this concept can be adjusted too at some point but I think it's sufficient for now, star, heart, bookmark, whatever) and read other people's feeds directly.

I'm thinking something along the lines of 'following' in twitter is what we want. Unidirectional, expressing no actual social connection. My initial idea is something like a "People" box that just lists folks that you've found and decided to remember. From this you can reach their "jugs" and create filters for things that they've "starred". When you're looking at something someone made, you should be able to bookmark them. You should probably also be able to do this directly if you know their username.

Eventually we should also see "recommended people", but I don't want to dwell on that too much right now. I think this might be something like facebook's 'people you probably know', just a brief list of suggested names you can explore on your own.

Things I want to avoid: profiles, messaging etc. not a social site.

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