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Plone consultant and integrator specializing in non-profit organizations. SteveM on #plone and smcmahon on Plone.Org. I have worked with Zope and Plone professionally and in my volunteer work for over five years now, and have been very involved in regional promotion for most of that time. Long-term member of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors (DCN is a non-profit organization that supports developing Internet resources for community purposes). Past board president, currently vice-president. Web team chair. We have over 50 local and regional non-profit groups using Plone on DCN servers. Chair, City of Davis Telecommunications Commission, a municipal telecommunications policy and community media oversight body. My current Plone activities include: * Plone Foundation Board. * Creator and maintainer of the PloneFormGen product. * Co-Maintainer for the Plone 3.0 Unified Installer. * Release manager for Plone Help Center 1.0/1.5 releases. * Active on the Plone documentation team. * A key organizer of the very active Davis, California, Plone Users Group. * Participant in the BBQ, DocComm, and Science sprints.

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