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Paper for FreeCulture2010

Boundary Issues

World Intellectual Property Organisation. What Is Intellectual Property. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-04. (Archived by WebCite® at

William Fisher, 'Theories of Intellectual Property':

Stallman and Carson on why IP is a meaningless abstraction:

Eben Moglen, 'Anarchism Triumphant' -Why everything is becoming software, and why source code is art as much as engineering, and why Microsoft are effectively responsible for the emergence of proprietary software:

Alan MacSamoin, 'Thinking About Property':

Computers are harming the planet:


Values Added

Free Culture ethics (Lessig):

Design and engineering serves or limites freedom:

Slow Culture



12 Step Programs

Permie Identifies some of the same correlations (agile/ perm) and what looks like Wilber's AQAL:

Mollison's 7 principles:


Agile Development

working with users first:

certification - hesitantly pro:

certification - undecided:

certification - mostly against:

piecemeal adoption of a system leads to system failure:

A current example of more permie looking agile certification:

A current example of more academic looking agile certification:

A pisstake of Agile cert:

Open Source using Agile:

It Consultants specialising in Open and Agile:

generalisation of agile development to another forms of development outside software (like permaculture generalising from agriculture):

Agile and open source in the development of VTK:

Open Development Method:

Hacking for Resilience 

Specifically 'crowdsourced' relief efforts as inspired by Agile Product Development Movement, and contrast with bureaucratic state + NGO organising: 

Compares CrisisCamp efforts with Agile Development: 

Non-software Sahana Foundation in Sri Lanka: 

Camp for Climate Action. Past Actions. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-21. (Archived by WebCite® at

Students help clean-up:


Permaculture first-responder training:

Permaculture in Occupied Palestine: 

Permaculture in disaster relief: 


Michael Reynolds on Earthships for disaster relief:

2004 Tsunami:




[Not a reliable reference - OSM precedes CrisisCommons by about 5 years, Ushahidi is not a 'firm' - 4. Sumner, Stuart. Tech Community Comes to the Aid of Flood-stricken Pakistan. 2010-09-06. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-20. (Archived by WebCite® at


Main people behind the original Ushahidi:

History and usage:

SOAS sites based on Ushahidi: 



Sahana Software Foundation. Case Study of Sahana Software Foundation Response to Haiti Earthquake Published by UN APCITC. . 2010-09-21. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-21. (Archived by WebCite® at



Linux Defenders:


Patent Pools in Life Sciences:

Jonathan King. OWNING LIFE: CORPORATE CONTROL OF OUR GENES . Labour Party Press. 2010-09-05. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-05. (Archived by WebCite® at

Does Some Corporation Own the Patent for my Genes?

Synthetic Life Patents Damaging:

Breast cancer genes owned by Myriad:


Transition Culture Internal Debate

John Michael Greer defends Green Wizard:

Hopkins, Rob. Why we need more than how-to info and reskilling (although it can help):

Sharon Astyk. I Can Save the World Better Than You, Nyah Nyah!: A Short History of the Peak Oil Movement and Reflections on Wizards, Transition and the Interstices of Reason. 2010-09-05. URL: Accessed: 2010-09-05. (Archived by WebCite® at

Toby Hemenway unintentionally supports Hopkins side of the debate:

Alex Steffen goes off on his own tangent, contrasting TT and Bright Green Cities, but ends up mistaking TT for Green Wizardy, and re-proposing TT in his own words:

Transition Towns and Open Source Villages:

Global Village Construction Set:

Benefits of organics

Intensive agriculture = increased yields = more carbon sequestered:

Organic farming and herbal medicine production:

Hopkin's TED talk:

Hopkin's audio on pattern language:

Benefits of  biodiversity:

Regenerative organic production:

Incremental design (rolling permaculture):

Potential for overshoot: r

Wiki Education

The purpose of academic referencing:

Stevan Harnad, 'For Whom the Gate Tolls':  

Permaculture farm on Wikiversity:

ICT allows people to hear permies speak without carbon-emitting travel:

Free High School text books: 

business case for OER:

Rambling commentary on free education with some nice graphics:


Peer-to-peer/ Ecological economics

Network economics:

Adrian Johns on the history of piracy:


Rob Hopkins on permabusiness:

Systems Thinking

Chetan Druve, 'Why Your Boss is Programmed to Be a Dictator'

self-transcending knowledge:

On Studying the Cycles in Social Movements:

Wilber's AQAL applied to collaboration:

Free CODE software

Open source waters down free software:

Microsoft-hosted open source repository:


Digital Luddites



Open Hardware

Eben Moglen:

­Free software and hardware cameras:



Synthetic DNA is hi-tech labs, 2007:

Bio-Outlaws Bio-Hackers, and Victorian Gentlemen Biologists:

A BioPunk Manifesto:

BioHackers for a BioWorld:

OpenPCR: open design DNA copying hardware:

Gene Ontology Consortium:


Seed Banks

North American org inspired by European org:



Sim Earth - games as tools for experiential enlightenment:

Property rights: an analysis of their implications for understanding land rights in Australia.:

Copyright, copyleft, and the creative anti-commons:

An intro to 'The Innovator's Dillema':

Open standards attorney, Andrew Updegrove:

Seattle Community Server Relocation Project: