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  1. Ventouse anti-cellulite

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  2. carriage style garage doors

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    Since 1968, Rundum Meir custom garage doors have elevated the architectural integrity of more than 100,000 residential and commercial properties around the world.
  3. designer garage doors

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    designer garage doors
  4. Rug Cleaning Services

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    Effective Rug Cleaning Process - Oriental Designer Rugs Oriental Designer Rugs specialize in cleaning & washing of hand knotted rugs, we clean all kinds of area rugs like hand tufted, machine made, flat weave etc. Our rug cleaning is done offsite by experts in stages to maximize the outcome while protecting the beauty of your oriental rugs.
  5. magnetic hanging system

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    magnetic hanging system
  6. Disintermedia

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    Disintermedia is an Aotearoa-based project that advocates for a society of free people, living in self-governing communities, united in voluntary networks of economic co-operation across nations, continents, and the world. Disintermedia starts with a simple algorithm; free knowledge, free culture, free people. Unless otherwise labeled, all media on this site are licensed under a CreativeCommons-Attribution-Share-Alike license.
  7. group retreats

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    group retreats
  8. Mission Humanitaire

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  9. Society Challenges and Higher Education

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    Associations of preparing, and the course of action of which they are an area, go up against a huge gathering of marvelous challenges from qualities in people in general eye that impact and are affected by these to a great degree establishments and their gatherings of understudies and instructors. Among these qualities are clearing measurement changes, contracting typical spending designs, dynamic advances in information and media transmission developments, globalization, contention from new enlightening providers, exhibit weights to shape informational and scholarly practices toward advantage driven terminations, and extending solicitations and weights for significant changes out in the open system and open duty in regard to the piece of cutting edge instruction in tending to pressing issues of gatherings and the overall population free to move around at will. Anyone of these challenges would be critical in solitude, however everything considered they increase the unconventionality and inconvenience for preparing to keep up or drive the key work of serving individuals as a rule awesome. The Common Agenda is especially proposed to help an "improvement" approach to manage change by engaging the ascent of key collaborations among individuals and affiliations who consider the piece of cutting edge instruction in moving the convictions of a varying ubiquity based system through preparing practices, associations and organization to society. A Common Agenda The Common Agenda is relied upon to be a "living" report and an open system that assistants total movement and learning among submitted associates inside and outside of cutting edge training. As a living report, the Common Agenda is an aggregation of focused activity went for advancing city, social, and social parts in general society eye. This helpfully made, executed, and focused Common Agenda respects the nice assortment of activity and programmed foci of individuals, associations, and frameworks, and furthermore sees the standard interests of the total. As an open method, the Common Agenda is a structure for partner work and associations around typical interests focusing on the insightful part in serving society. Distinctive techniques for aliening and expanding the consistent work inside and past preparing will be given inside the Common Agenda process. I put stock in social value, ethics, informative esteem, and societal change for helpful results are vital to the work of cutting edge instruction. We consider the association among gatherings and guideline establishments to be established on the estimations of likewise, respect and correspondence, and the work in preparing to be related with substitute foundations and individuals in the general population eye. We will search for and rely upon expansive relationship with an extensive variety of foundations and devoted individuals inside and outside of cutting edge instruction. We comprehend the interconnection of authoritative issues, power and advantage. The Common Agenda is not for cutting edge instruction to self-serve, yet rather to "walk the talk" as for maintained open goals. We fathom the Common Agenda as a dynamic living record, and expect the activities it wraps to change after some time. ISSUES Open seeing progressively contrasts propelled training benefits and picking up an "incredible occupation" and getting "higher pay rates." To fathom and reinforce the full favorable circumstances of cutting edge instruction individuals when all is said in done and propelled training pioneers need to take part in fundamental and reasonable discusses the piece of cutting edge instruction in people in general eye. Objective: Develop a regular vernacular that reverberates both inside and outside the establishment. Action Items: Develop a run of the mill vernacular and subjects about our educational part and obligation to general society extraordinary, through exchanges with a more broad open. Pushing toward complex issues, for instance, the piece of cutting edge training in people in general field that requires a wide mix of associates to make systems and exercises that incorporate different regarded perspectives and experiences. Far reaching relationship to strengthen the association between cutting edge instruction and society incorporates working intentionally with those inside and outside of cutting edge training to finish shared targets in light of a legitimate concern for individuals all in all incredible. Preparing should deal with the comprehended and unequivocal results of its work, and rethink "what is important" to join investigate, instructing and advantage for the all inclusive community extraordinary profoundly working of the association. Introducing CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN THE STRUCTURE OF THE HIGHER EDUCATION SYSTEM Propelling general society preferences of cutting edge training requires structure attempts past associations to purposely embed estimations of metro engagement and social obligation in organization sharpens, methodology decisions, and enlightening techniques. Grow more grounded ties between the school, chose and basic government. Movement Items: Develop a 2-year execution orchestrate that joins the school serve/Pro-pastor and Director with ordinary administrators to partake in an evaluation of the necessities of the all inclusive community by region Host a movement of talked among trustees and basic authorities to discuss the piece of universities and open approach in driving open incredible at an area, typical, and national level.
  10. te whanau uenuku - rainbow family of Aotearoa/ New Zealand

    59 member(s), last updated July 26

    Rainbow gatherings are open convergence spaces for people of peace which happen around the world. They have a strong focus on community-building, skill-sharing, environmental sustainability and earth-based spirituality. We intend to have at least two gatherings a year, one in Te Wai Pounamu, and one in Te Ika a Maui, but this depends on people volunteering to scout sites, and commit to joining the seed camp to get the gathering up and running.