­Marriott at Research Triangle

4700 Guardian Drive

Durham, NC 27703

Contact: abbie.v.smith@marriott.com ­

Room plans:


2009 catering menu linked on right side:


Local Restaruants:


Other hotels:

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 Company Contact
Contact Info
 Sponsoring  Spare Column
 Agile Alliance
 Ola Ellnestam  ola.ellnestam@agical.se    
 Agile Dimensions  Bill Krebs
 agilebill@agiledimensions.com  Meeting Rooms
Industrial Logic
Naresh Jain
 Better Software
 Megan Brown
 Cyrus Innovations
 Bruce Eckfeldt
 Pillar Technology
 Mike Cottmeyer
 Rally Dev

 Sean Billow

Jami Yannet

Ben Cary

 State Farm
 Paul Culling

Mike Cottmeyer
Ace Information Systems
 CC Pace
Net Objectives
Rolemodel Software

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SUPPLY TYPE Qty Unit Cost # in Unit # Units Total Cost Comments
Painter’s Tape (roll) 4  $         4 1 4  $         16
3×5 index cards, white, 500 or so 500  $         3 300 2  $           6
3×5 Post-its (60 stickies for agenda session 120 stickies for retrospective) 180  $       10 500 1  $         10 In 4 colors
3×3 Post-its (8 sessions simultaneously x 10 slots x ~40 stickies per session) 3200  $       10 500 7  $         67 In 4 colors
Pens 120  $         4 1 120  $       480 Flag pen, black medium ballpoint pen, 150 3/8″ red flags 
Spiral Notebooks (see Schwag list for a ACC2010 branded version) 120  $         2 1 120  $       240
Easels 8  $       62 1 8  $       496 Hopefully someone can just provide these
One package letter-size blank paper 100  $         6 500 1  $           6
Name Tags (priced fancy scratch off ones) 200  $         4 75 3  $         12
narrow markers for name tags 8  $         9 4 2  $         18
Sharpies - Blue 24 1.5 1 24  $         36
Sharpies - Green 24 1.5 1 24  $         36
Sharpies - Red 24 1.5 1 24  $         36
Sharpies - Black 24 1.5 1 24  $         36
Flipcharts w/20sheets each 60 30 1 60  $    1,800 Pricing based on those that can be self-easeled
Dots (5 colors) 6000 5 600 10  $         50
 $    3,344
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Use Tiki Wiki  site again; use it as an initial landing page as well as have pages for information and people to communicate before, during, and after the Camp.  

Agile Coach Camp 2009 site

- Registration (EventBrite?)

- Donations (Should we set-up someone local to Raleigh to receive PayPal payments in teh event we need someone to collect sponsor donations?)

- hashtag on Twitter? post a means of getting in twitter feeds sent to the hashtag onto the Wiki site? 


Just a thought, we could use EventBrite as a means to manage our registrations (instead of a wiki sign-up).  I am looking at this…

 Immediate advantages I see:

- looks like you can limit the # of “tickets” available; we can track how many we have and such

- posts ads/annoucements to several directories to make them available for people to find

- you can email everyone that is registered

- resgitration can be embedded onto another page look at how it is embedded at http://aplndc.pbwiki.com/

- free if we don’t charge a fee (if we did, we could have the fee passed into the ticket price)

Biggest disadvantages I see: 

- yet another site to maange

- not sure a registration on EventBrite can be passed back to the Agile Coach Camp wiki; does it need to though? 

- not sure whether we can make a file upload (for the person’s position paper) a requirement.

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[12/31/08 14:36:21] Don Gray says: I tool a look at the sponsors page.

Last year did the sponsors directly pay the vendors?

[12/31/08 14:58:06] Deborah Hartmann says: yes, that way we avoided handling cash

[12/31/08 14:58:11] Deborah Hartmann says: seem ok to you?

[12/31/08 14:58:43] Deborah Hartmann says: we just negotiated the contracts, in some cases accepted the invoice (though we preferred that they send directly to the sponsor) and if we were invoiced we passed it on to the sponsor for payment.

[12/31/08 15:17:57] Don Gray says: > yes, that way we avoided handling cash

> seem ok to you?

Yes. That keeps the finances clean.

I like clean financials.

Look for something on the mailing list early next week

Have a Happy New Year!


I think we’ll try to do it the same way this year.



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­­­Last year’s theme was

“Pushing the Boundaries while Keeping Agile Simple What’s new? What’s Missing? What’s too complex? What’s obsolete?”

I’m not sure we really talked about this during the open space.

Do we think we need something different for this year? If so, suggestions?


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This site will allow us to collaborate on the planning of the 2009 Agile Coach Camp; we’ll use Blog pages to post ideas have discussions.   Please add comments on how you like the site to this page.





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