• How to File a 311 Complaint

last modified March 15, 2007 by cmoore

Filing a standard 311 Quality of Life noise complaint should take about 4 minutes if the following guidelines are followed.


Filing a 311 noise complaint can best be accomplished by following the following steps.

NOTE: You may record a noise complaint after the fact, that is, if you note a noise problem but the 311 line or you are busy, note the time and location of the noise, and call 311 with the complaint(s) at your earliest convenience.

Here are the steps:

  1. Get a pencil and paper to record the complaint number they will provide at the end of the call.
  2. Dial 311, the city's official complaint line.
  3. You will hear about 30 seconds of recorded message about heat problems or other seasonal issues and then a statement "All other callers please remain on the line. You call may be recorded for quality purposes. Your call will be connected with the next available operator."
  4. When the call is answered, tell the operator that you want to file a Quality of Life Complaint about noise from a truck that's unloading. Get a confirmation from them about this, say, "This is being entered as a Quality of Life Complaint right?"
  5. They will then start taking information about the complaint.
  6. If they ask, be sure to tellĀ  them that it has been there for more than 15 minutes.
  7. If the truck is outside Trade Fair, give the address as 35-55 75 Street. It is important that we give a consistent address or the complaints will not be noted as from a common source.
  8. The operator will ask for your name, address, and phone number. Give that information, or you may provide the following information: Thomas Lowenhaupt, 35-35 75 Street, Apt. 527, 718 458 2707. (That's the local community board phone number, Thomas Lowenhaupt is a member.)
  9. After taking all the information they will provide a complain tracking number, it should look like this C-1-1-285440213. If it's not of the C-1-1... type, it will not be recorded to the benefit of our campaign. Ask them to enter it again as a Quality of Life complaint.

When you have completed call please enter the complaint info on our complaints log.