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  1. Python Meetup Innsbruck

    created by jensens, March 24, 2010

    Menschen treffen sich um in Innsbruck, um Themen rund um die Programmiersprache Python zu bereden. Kurzvorträge, Diskussionen, Problembesprechungen. Unser Hashtag ist #pyibk

  2. Python Portugal

    created by mferreira, January 11, 2009

    Python Portugal Conference Attempt

  3. Python va a la Escuela

    created by fpalm, November 29, 2011

    Grupo de interés para la introducción del Lenguaje de Programación Python en los programas de estudio.

  4. The project

    created by pgumy, March 20, 2006

  5. The Public School NY

    created by aprovan, January 24, 2010

    The Public School New York.

  6. The Public School Philadelphia

    created by sdockray, June 18, 2009

    The Public School Philadelphia

  7. The PyPI Replication Project

    created by ajung, September 13, 2008

    Creating a mirroring infrastructure for PyPI in order to provide a high-available platform for Python and Zope project (using zc.buildout) since PyPI is still a single point of failure

Results 191 – 197 of 197