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Alpine City Sprint
located in Innsbruck, the capital of the alps.



  • January 31th to February 4th 2017 (Tue-Sat)
  • Days before/after may be used for skiing,
    other winter sport or relaxing in the alps.

Where: Grabenweg 68 (Soho II), 6020 Innsbruck Tirol, Austria (map)

Registration: until January 15th 2016 (add yourself here or drop us an email)

Phone:  If lost in the city or in case of any other trouble or you have just a question just call:


Klein & Partner KG, Blue Dynamics Alliance, Jens Klein und Christine Baumgartner


Topic: Zope 4, Plone on Python 3 + Zope 4, Plone Core Dev

 Plone is still on Python 2 and do not use the latest zope toolkit packages. Zope2 is still on Python 2. Python to is scheduled for end of life at 2020. There is a Zope4 project which aims to run on Python 3. Also our current ZODB/ZEO is outdated.

The sprints goal is to get the key-people together to discuss and work on the future of Zope4 and push Plone and the software stack below from the past to the present and future of Python 3.

Current Status:

  • Zope2 see https://github.com/zopefoundation/Zope/issues/39
  • Plone see https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/projects/2


View from Seegrube

join the project and add your name to the list by editing this page.

If you at first plan to join, but later on you have to cancel: please remove yourself from the list.

At the moment we have space for up to 24 sprinters, but if there are more we may be able to organize a larger location, so just keep on registering.

[name] [nickname] [organisation] [days] [% sure] [remote]

  1. Jens Klein, jensens/yenzenz, Klein & Partner KG, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  2. Johannes Raggam, thet, programmatic, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  3. Philip Bauer, pbauer, starzel.de, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  4. Christine Baumgartner, chrimba/chrimiba, Klein & Partner KG, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  5. David Glick, davisagli, Jazkarta, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  6. Peter Holzer, agitator, agitator Weblösungen, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  7. Robert Niederreiter, rnix, Squarewave Computing, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  8. Maurits van Rees, maurits, Zest Software, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  9. Maik Derstappen, MrTango, Derico, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  10. Thomas Schorr, tschorr,, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  11. Michael Howitz, icemac, gocept gmbh & co. kg, Tue-Sat, 100 %, no
  12. Matthew Wilkes, MatthewWilkes, Tiwaz Ltd, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  13. Markus Hilbert, Iham, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Tue-Sat, 100%, no
  14. Georg Bernhard, Gogo, Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Tue-Fri, 100%, no
  15. Alexander Loechel, loechel / Pumukel, LMU München, Tue-Fri/Sat, 99%, no





    • 13:30  - Lunch: Goulash Soup
      • 14:00  - Sprint planing session
        • 18:30  - Standup meeting


            • 9:30 - SPRINT
              • 13:30 - Catering: Tyrolean dumpling with sauerkraut
                • 18:30 - Standup meeting
                  • OPEN END

                      (we will order Pizza)


                  Brenner Basis Tunnel
                  • 9:00 -  meet at main station
                  • 09:19- 09:40 -  take train  to Steinach am Brenner, walking 16 min. to the Visitor Center
                  • 10:00 - 12: 30 - The Tour

                  Gasthof Lamm

                  • 12:50 - 13: 12 take bus to Matrei (short, just to next village), walking to the bus station 5 min.
                  • 13:15  -  Lunch  at "Gasthof Lamm" in Matrai am Brenner, Old Inn from the 15th century, Traditional Tyrolean cuisine,


                  •  14:24 - 14:41 or 14: 54 - 15:11 back to Innsbruck by train, walking to the station 5 min.


                  • 15:00 or 15:30 - back in the office
                  • 18:30 - Standup meeting
                  • 19:00 - Catering: we will have a Brettljause: bread, speck, cheese, ...
                    • OPEN END


                      • 9:30 - SPRINT
                      • 12:30  - Catering: Gerstelsuppe, Barley Broth 
                      • 18:00  - Standup meeting
                      Seegrube Restaurant
                      • 19:00 - Innsbruck – Hungerburg - Seegrube:  meet at the station "Kongresshaus Innsbruck", take the cable railway (Hungerburgbahn),last ride 19:15, Ticket: 14,50 €
                      • We will get the reserve Ride & Dine ticket at the station Hungerburg, there we will take the next cable car  up to the Seegrube.

                        Last ride down: 23:30, Don't miss it!



                      Organized Events

                      We will visit the Brenner base tunnel construction site: far below the Brenner Pass, the longest underground railway connection in the world is being built. We meet at Visitor Center in Steinach 10:00am. We meet prior in Innsbruck and take a Postbus or S-Bahn (details follow).

                      We also plan a dinner and other evening events:

                                                  Friday Night -  Dinner at the Seegrube -   http://www.nordkette.com

                                                  Saturday Night - Pub Crawl - Innsbruck



                      There are lots of hotels and some hostels in Innsbruck. Also apartments are offered i.e. by AirBnB and others.

                      Nearby (10-15 minutes by feet or few stops by bus) and with positive feedback from last years is the Alphotel Innsbruck.

                      Our long term partner Hotel is the Hotel Zillertal (10-15 Minutes by bus). 


                      Our office and the sprint location is at the eastend of Innsbruck at the building called "Soho 2.0". Our office and the location is on the top of the building (penthouse) at 4th floor. Follow the signs we provide inside the building.

                      • Moving around in Innsbruck
                        Innsbruck is unfortunately rare of parking place and the parking garages are expensive.
                        So the best way is to take the public transport or go by feet. Price for the public transport at IVB website. You can get a one way ticket in every  tram/bus. 5-way tickets are available at the ticket machines. Do not forget to stamp the tickets in the tram/bus, otherwise they are not valid. IVB has also an App with live-schedule and mobile tickets available.

                        In front of the office building buses F, R and T (direction "Rumer Hof") are stopping.

                        In most of the buses and all tram lines free Wifi is available (1h+500MB per day).

                      • Arrival by train

                        Going by train is not only comfortable, eco-friendly and stress-free – quite often it is also the most pocket-friendly way of travelling. Lean back and get into the holiday spirit as soon as you leave home. International train connections to all European capital cities click here for timetables

                      • Arrival by plane

                        Innsbruck has its own Airport (timetable) with connections to some European cities. The next international airport is Munich - from there take the train (~2 ½h) or an special airport taxi (Four Seasons) or a slow, but cheap bus.

                        At Innsbruck airport you'll find taxis to take you to your accommodation. If you prefer public transport bus "F" takes you to the centre within minutes: from 5.59 am until 10.59 pm daily the bus takes you within 17 minutes to the main station Innsbruck past the old town and Maria-Theresien-Straße (main street) and also to our office at the „Grabenweg“ bus stop.

                      • Arrival by car

                        Right in the heart of Europe, Innsbruck is very conveniently located. A well-developed road network connects the Tyrolean capital to the world.

                        A 12 Autobahn network (East and West) easily accessible from all directions (toll sticker - compulsory „Vignette“ - required on all motorways!). Extra toll fees are also charged on the A 13 Autobahn starting at Innsbruck South entrance (from Italy, Brenner) and coming from the west through the Arlberg tunnel. Please consider the "Rettungsgasse" (rescue lane) on the motorways in Austria.

                        You can see the office building from the highway, when you come from the direction munich on the right side. It's close to the highway exit „Innsbruck Ost“. After you exit you have to take the very first exit on the right side (be careful). In the first circle you take the second exit, the second circle take the first exit, then after ~200m you arrived.

                        There is a parking garage at SOHO 2.0. It costs 5 € a day. This is very cheap for Innsbruck. But maybe you can get a parking lot for free in front of the building or in the streets near by (if you are here before 9 o'clock or at weekends chances are good).


                      Innsbruck with Nordkette and Seegrube at dawnFood, Social and Sport in Innsbruck

                      Social Events and Food

                      You can find traditional and modern Austrian dishes as well as international restaurants. Innsbruck has a lot of restaurants but it is famous for its tourist traps. So I will choose some restaurants and make reservations (because we are a couple of people). I hope it is in your opinion. On Friday evening we will be again at the Seegrube.

                      If you need more party: The university of Innsbruck is the largest university of west Austria. Therefore you find in Innsbruck a lot of bar's and pubs. Very famous is the party area „die Bögen“(archs, viaduct bars), under the railway.

                      Winter Sports

                      Three times host to the Winter Olympics, our region boasts nine ski areas for alpine skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing. Our winter sports menu also includes tobogganing, ice skating, alpine-style curling and even a ride in an Olympic bobsleigh. The free ski bus is convenient and environmentally friendly. Look at the interactive skimap http://www.innsbruck.info/skimap

                      We help you to organize your sports trip too, just contact us: ski-pass, rental, ....

                      Probably you may want to stay some extra days with your friends/ family?

                      View from Patscherkofel Ski RessortSightseeing:

                      The Golden Roof

                      Imperial Palace


                      Court Church - Cenotaph Emperor Maximilian I

                      Innsbruck’s City Tower

                      Cathedral of St. James

                      Swarovski Shop & Exhibition Innsbruck

                      Alpine Zoo

                      Art History at Ambras Castle

                      Bergisel Ski Jump Stadium

                      Innsbrucker Nordkette cable railways