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Welcome to the Archive Restored residency wiki

Here you will find a place to exchange ideas, find out what's happening, and keep in contact with your fellow residents.

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You can find more help and information on how to use the wiki here, or you can ask David in the main ceramics office, second floor Glyde hall or Angela on the third floor of Glyde Hall.

There is also a Mailing List that will let you keep in touch and make announcements to the group. ­


Week Seven ***Final Week***

Tuesday, February 17

10:00-10:30am     Residency Meeting: Archive Restored    JPL 204
6:00-8:00pm    Farewell Dinner    TCPL Foyer

Wednesday, February 18

7:30pm - An Evening with Shuman, A performance by Ragnar Kjartansson  - Telus Studio    

Thursday, February 19

Artist wrapping up projects/ packing day    
1-5:30pm    Exit Interviews: Kitty Scott, director, Visual Arts, Charlene Quantz-Wold, program manager, Visual Arts    Schedule TBC

Friday, February 20 ***Last Day of Residency***

Artist wrapping up projects/ packing day    

Saturday, February 21

11am    Check out time at the Professional Development Centre