• AGX , write generators for Pyramid, Cornice, YAFOWIL, <ideas for other generators welcome> (rnix, christoph)  
  • agx.generator.buildout  needs pyramid stereotype (christoph)
  • agx.generator.pyegg  shall generate tests
  • GoParser integration
  • Pyramid
  • Substance-D demo
  • YAFOWIL Pyramid/ App Engine Integration (yenzenz, for Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • resource management without fanstatic (because it doesnt run on gae, or fix fanstatic) 
  • see below
  • Pyramid on Google App Engine
  • show/talk/discuss about it 
  • DONE
  • DONE
  • AngularJS , see below  
  • Resource Management (JS, CSS, related Binary-Assets)
  • Javascript MVC, testing  
  • AngularJS integration with Pyramid/ pyramid_layout panels, focus on on templates in script tags to reduce HTTP-Requests (maybe a tween is needed here?) (yenzenz, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • comparing Ember.js to Angular (ree) 
  • ((JavaScript unittesting, BusterJS)) buster-qunit, anyone interested to help?
  • Plone  
  • plone app event finalizing 
  •  /
  • Plone Image-Tools ( B I L D E R S T U R M ) (pem)
  • Metatag-handling (exif, iptc usw.) in Plone (unweb.iptc, evtl. collective.nitf)
  • Listing of Tools (Research), recommended tools for special needs with images in Plone
IRC: #sprint TwitterHashtag: #artsprint
Buschenschanksprint 2013 doodle:
soundtrack :: :: electro
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Here’s an overview of this week’s activities:

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As most people come in on Sunday (today) we decided to meet up at the ArTFlat Zollergasse 52 in the evening, maybe we go and have dinner together…

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I just organized a visit to the Paintings Gallery of the academy of fine arts. We will have a guided tour in english. Date:

20th of February 2013, 16:00-17:00

It’s free and super interesting :-) 

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ARtspRInt ]a[ 2013 is SO happening!

When: Feb 18, 2013 10:00 AM to Feb 22, 2013 04:00 PM

Where: academy of fine arts, Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, 1070 Vienna, Austria

Please register here on coactivate if you want to join us!

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The academy of fine arts just got two special offers from hotels in Vienna

Viennart Hotel am Museumsquartier Vienna 78€

Hotel Mercure Secession Wien 97€ to 155€

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Click here to participate in the poll:

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