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last modified February 19, 2013 by gogobd

Dear Plonistas, Zopistas, Pythonistas, Machinistas and Artistas!

I'm very glad to announce that "aRTSPRiNT ]a[ 2013" is going to happen! On behalf of the Information Communication Technologies Department of the academy of fine arts vienna, I feel honored to invite you to participate in a undoubtedly exciting, compelling, prosperous, uplifting, venturesome and inspiring sprint!

"ARTsPrINt is the pleasurable way to sneak that stick of dynamite into your head."

Start: Monday, 18th of February 2013 at 10am
End: Friday, 22th of February 2013
Where: Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3, A-1070 Vienna, Austria - Room 4.11+
Who: Just to make it perfectly clear: As last time this sprint is OPEN for everybody. Our space is virtually unlimited and YOU choose the topics. Since this is an arTsPrINt™ you should feel free to contribute any topic or goal you like to share and achieve.

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    Cultural Sidetrack and Timetable

    What else?