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This year's event, themed “Metropolis”, takes place from August 30th until September 6th, 2010.

Be sure to read the Survival Guide and check out last year's city plan! ­

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astor.pngAstor Camp

  • Overview: ­

    In 2007, members of The Open Planning Project and friends set out to rebuild Astor Place—a traffic-choked New York City landmark—in Black Rock City, about 2,670 miles away. The project, known as Astor Playa, was a great success.

    In 2008, several of us (Rollie, Jesse, Lily, PZ, Alice, Alexis, et al) camped with Hair of the Dog as part of Silicon Village­.

    Join the mailing list if you'd like to tag along in 2010!

  • Planning: Here is a minimum required list of things to bring .
  • Flights! Find out who's leaving on which jet plane and when on our flight info page.
  • Friends: If someone you know is going to be on the playa add them to our friend directory