• 2013

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Barcelona Plone Testing Sprint

We are going to organize a Plone Testing Team sprint at Barcelona.


8/9/10 Febrary 2013


Museum Antoni Tapies


9h - 19h


  1. Ramon Navarro
  2. Timo Stollenwerk
  3. Eric Steele
  4. Asko Soukka
  5. Víctor Fernández de Alba
  6. Laure Perez Mayos
  7. Maik Röder
  8. Rok Garbas
  9. Jonas Baumann
  10. Kees Hink

    Sprint Report/Progress

    • GITHUB commit and pull request: Ramon and Eric worked on this. We designed how to connect que github information to jenkins and later mo
    • SETUP NEW MASTER: Ramon worked on a new master on amazon

    Some source lab integration

    Problems on deciding which operating systems

    Linux firefox chrome mac os x

    We can test CMFPlone on different platforms and get on which browser works fine


    Helped newbies

    Refactor CMFPLone robot framework on lifesearch on a behaviour driven development style (Timo)


    Wrote robot framework tests on the multilingual


    Robot Framework   http://openetherpad.org/WEiLsdWhHs

    • Robot framework tests for coredev packages (p.a.collection, p.a.theming, etc.)
    • Better Debugging (asko, godefroid)
    • Faster Tests (asko, godefroid)
    • Testable documentation (asko)
    • plone.act (asko, godefroid, timo, ed, hector)
    • Create a template for the Test setup of Robotsuite in Templer (maikroeder)


    • Get github commit messages into Jenkins, extend the Jenkins Github Plugin (timo, ramon)
    • Test github pull requests with Jenkins (timo, ramon)
    • fabric scripts to set up the slaves/master (gil)
    • selenium grid (eric)
    • Code quality and style guides for core packages
    • Jenkins jobs to test PLIPs

    Buster JS

    • integration, documentation? (ross, rob)


    • Write a (collective.docs) testing howto
    • Write a coredev testing howto (what kind of tests do we expect in a core package)