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The Bastille Day Sprint 2013 will focus on advancing the plone.app.toolbar as well as Plone marketing efforts in general. The plone.app.toolbar is an essential component of the upcoming Plone 5 release plan. This sprint is a great opportunity for Plonistas to hone their Javascript skills.

Key dates:

Bastille Day celebration: July 13th from 5-11pm
Bastille Day sprint: July 14-17th, 2013


Six Feet Up Headquarters, 12 South Main Street, Fortville, IN 46040 - See map

We are about 1h away from the Indianapolis airport (IND), 2h from Cincinnati (CVG) and 3-4h from Chicago (ORD).

Key contacts:

Logistics: Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker (gabrielle@sixfeetup.com), Carol Ganz (carol@sixfeetup.com)
Agenda: Clayton Parker (clayton@sixfeetup.com), Rok Garbas (rok@garbas.si), Nathan Van Gheem (vangheem@gmail.com)


Lodging will be provided by various Sixies, unless sprinters prefer to pay for their own hotel room.

Food will be provided by Six Feet Up.

We will strive to provide free transportation from and to the IND airport. Ideally sprinters should arrive BEFORE Friday, July 12th, 10pm. Departure dates and times can be more flexible.

Sprinters who need financial support for their air travel should contact Carol Ganz (carol@sixfeetup.com).

Sprint Focus:

  1. Review the draft marketing plan
  2. Review the draft plone.com website
  3. Competitive analysis:
    • What are the (presumed) strong areas of other CMS systems? (both open source and proprietary systems)
    • In what direction are they currently evolving?
    • How do they compare to Plone features and development path?
    • Etc.
  4. Based on the participants' primary market areas, identify free publicity channels


Request access to this project, then add your name to the list if you plan on attending.

plone.app.toolbar  sprinters:

  • Clayton Parker
  • Ryan Foster
  • Nathan Van Gheem
  • Joel Kleier
  • Rok Garbas
  • Chrissy Wainwright
  • David Blewett 
  • Franco Pellegrini (remote) 
  • Daniel Miller

Plone marketing sprinters:

  • Eric Rozeboom 
  • Gabrielle Hendryx-Parker (July 15-17)
  • Carol Ganz (July 15-17) 
  • Charlie Rimpila
  • Kim Nguyen (remotely at least July 15, possibly also July 16); interested in helping with the edu use case; will be in IRC #plone and gchat as nguyen@uwosh.edu and racialslur@gmail.com 
  • Mark Corum (remotely July 14th and after 5 pm July 15-17) - gchat: markcorum@gmail.com, Skype: markcorum, IRC #plone markcorum
  • Jim Bartek (July 15-17) 

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