Most of us know what we want whenwe design our bathrooms. Whether we have just moved into our home or want to refresh its aged look, we often know the overall theme or look that we are searching for. Still, some of us aren’t sure, and love to glance through home design magazines for ideas. So, what are the most popular designs for a home bathroom?

One of the most popular bathroom designs is a contemporary design. It is a modern look, so it has become very popular in recent years. It follows a minimal approach that suits any home’s design or style as well as bathrooms of all sizes. Of course, modern bathrooms are becoming increasingly smaller, so the functionality of a minimalist contemporary design is often ideal. If you have a small bathroom, the contemporary design will give you clever storage ideas that truly utilize the small space and make it seem larger than it is.

For some, traditional bathroom design works best. This often refers to a clean, white design that has become a classic. This look is often for those who either cannot design or do not care about décor. This can also refer to a Victorian-era style bathroom as well, which indicates a design with intricate decoration details and antique features. Rustic bathtubs are often the focus of a bathroom created in this design, and some prefer gold fixtures when they choose a more traditional design for their bathroom.

Another fun and popular bathroom design is a nautical design. Because water is the focal point of your bathroom, many like to decorate their bathroom with elements of sailing, marine life, or the ocean. Aquatic color hues should be used in tile, accents, and within décor. Contrasting colors on the floor and walls have a brightening effect in bathrooms decorated with dolphins and whales or seashells and anchors.

Remember, if you are still unsure how your budget and personal style will translate to your bathroom’s design, you can always consult a professional for bathroom remodeling ideas. Some people do not like these popular designs and want to do something a bit more unique, but do not know where to start or how to properly execute these ideas. If you choose to remodel your bathroom, meeting with a professional will also help you to understand most costs and steps in the process of creating the bathroom of your dreams.

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