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The BBQ sprint was a tremendously successful python web technology sprint after the Camp 5, a four-day Zope 3 boot camp. Camp 5 was led by Philipp von Weitershausen, author of Web Component Development with Zope 3.  The BBQ sprint followed this training.  It lasted four days, from March 14 - 17. 

TriZPUG volunteers ran a state-of-the-art remote conferencing platform.  This allowed remote sprinters to watch lightening talks and Philip's excellent grok tutorial and live coding development of NudgeNudge .

Outside of sprinting, sprinter enjoyed lots of Chapel Hill's great restaurants and bars , rich music scene , Chris C's zpug bof+ , and a session of pintification .  We all enjoyed mistreating jorgen .


What happens now?  Lot of work occurred at the sprint.  These pages exist for participants to let those following in their footstep(including themselves) to pick up the track.


Where was it?

2001 Kerr Hall
School of Pharmacy
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

When did it happen?

Wednesday March 14- Saturday March 17, 2007
(Camp 5 is March 10-13)


Triangle Zope and Python Users Group
Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center
UNC School of Pharmacy
North Carolina Coastal Ocean Observing System
Green Joe's Coffee Company


Whit Morriss

Sponsored Sprinters

Whit Morriss
Jacqueline Arasi
Alec Mitchell
Chris McDonough
Tres Seaver
Calvin Hendryx-Parker
Pillage Miller
Philipp von Weitershausen
Ian "Skippy" Bicking
Chris Calloway
Nate Aune
Bákin Pasté
Allota Abundance
Catherine Tole
The Inconsiderate Egg