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A week of taking one for the team, making Plone nicer to work with and getting a treat in return.


9. to 13. July 2012


Antwerp, Belgium


Joachim van der Herten, +32 474 454 223, joachim at eestec.be (accommodation, transport, questions about Antwerp)

Nejc Zupan, +386 40 730 735, first.last at gmail.com, zupo on #plone (sprint topics, participation, sponsorship)

Joni Orponen, +358 50 371 5064, first.last at gmail.com, Rotonen on #plone (sprint topics, participation, sponsorship)


Sprint Topics

We are gonna split up into three distinct teams.

Team "Doku"

Continuing work from last year's Sauna Sprint, this team is gonna use EE/CS students (~10 of them will be attending) to observe where beginner documentation for Plone fails. Students will act as guinea pigs with different levels of knowledge (from basic HTML knowledge to Python coders) going through a variety of real-world use-cases. This gives us as a community a unique opportunity to work on those nasty bits of documentation that make Plone so hard to get involved with.

Team "Api"

Continuing work from the Plone Konferenz in Munich, this team is gonna work on the plone.api. They will collaborate closely with Team Doku to see what parts of our documentation are inhumanely complex because the APIs in use are complex and will try to improve the situation. With plone.api we strive to have a unified single point of entry for tasks Plone developers need to do often.

Team "Tiny"

Almost a year has passed since iElectric started his GSoC of giving TinyMCE integration project for Plone some love. He and an army of co-contributors did a great job in updating TinyMCE to latest version, fixing a ton of bugs, adding tests, refactoring code, etc. It's now time to push their work into the mainstream, so people can start using it. Let's use this sprint as an opportunity to do just that: merge all pending patches from different developers, squash the remaining high-priority bugs and get this thing out!


Now, all of the topics above are somewhat sucky. It's not a joy working on documentation, even more so on entry-level documentation. It's also not a nicest thing in the world to attempt to fix an API. And it's definitely not anyone's idea of fun to work on TinyMCE Plone integration. So we've come up with a trick: we are gonna bribe any and all sprinters with proper belgian beer. During the event we will make sure a few different beers will be supplied continuously. It is also certain that there will be a beer tasting night, where we will do our best to offer you a wide range of different beers. And then some!


Sponsors, Donators and Partners

Like the last three sprints we organized, we want to cover all but travel expenses for EESTEC students joining us on this sprint. We also plan to provide free accommodation for Plonistas on a budget. Above that, food and beer will be covered for *all* sprinters, so everyone can focus on being productive. Our budget is around 4k EUR and all funds will be raised from kind Plone companies that will act as sponsors. All money goes into covering sprint expenses, it goes without saying that no-one is getting paid for organizing.

Companies and organizations that are sponsoring the event:

Plone Foundation 




If you are an individual and wish to show your support, you can donate a few EUR, at our chip-in page. Every donation is greatly appreciated. Kind people from all around the world that donated for our cause:

  • Karl Horak
  • David Glick
  • Elizabeth Leddy
  • Gildardo Bautista
  • Marcio Mazza



  • Nejc Zupan, zupo
  • Joni Orponen, Rotonen
  • Domen Kožar, iElectric
  • Florian Friesdorf, chaoflow
  • Andrej Pangerčič, andrejpan
  • Vilmos Somogyi, vsomogyi
  • Jure Cerjak, ibi
  • Peter Lamut, Kunta
  • Andraz Brodnik, brodul
  • Jean-Michel Francois, toutpt
  • Godefroid Chapelle, gotcha, (most probably)
  • Kim Chee Leong, kacee
  • Filon Oikonomou, filon
  • Dimitris Tsironis, tsironakos
  • Chris Perivolaropoulos, fakedrake


Sprint Venue

The sprint will mainly be hosted in an old fortress just outside of the city: “Fort 6”. In 1864, Belgium decided to construct a circle of fortresses surrounding the city of Antwerp to defend it from attacks. Antwerp was of strategic importance due to it's harbor. Soon after, the fortresses became useless because of the development of heavy artillery and were no longer used. The University of Antwerp managed to become the owner of one of them and it hosts several associations, including the student association of computer science, mathematics and physics. It is also the place to be for all student parties, which are hosted in an old bunker under the ground. We will use that place to host the sprint, it was used before for LAN parties so it can be used to fit in a lot of computers and people. We're gonna have a ~50 mbps connection to the web. Here's a map with some important places.




We'll be staying at the "Scoutel" hostel in the centre of Antwerp, right next to the railway station. Accomodation includes breakfast (lunch/dinner will be prepared in/around the sprint location). The hostel has a direct bus connection to our sprint location.

hostel room 


Belgian beer and other niceties

A great reason to come to Belgium is the fact that it’s a beer paradise. With over 1100 different beers varying between pale lagers, Lambics, strong blonds, red-browns, dark beers, ambers, white beers, Trappist ales, abbey beers, Trippels, saisons, stouts and fruit beers, it seems unlikely that you won’t find your taste. Before calling all the Belgians severe alcoholics with their 18 million hectoliter annual beer production, know that more than half of it is sent out for export, proving the world’s appreciation for Belgian beer. With a lot of beers, come a lot of breweries: some of them are international giants, others are family businesses and microbreweries, there’s even monks brewing beer in their abbeys. Don’t think it’s only about the beer itself though; each beer has its own distinguished glass ranging from tulip shaped glasses to chalices, hexagonal glasses to champagne flutes and goblets to uncategorizable glassware like the ones used to serve “Kwak”. Not only being famous for our beer, but also for our fries, waffles and chocolate there truly is no reason why you shouldn’t come have a taste of Belgium.



About Antwerp

The city of Antwerp is a great place to do sightseeing, shopping or take a relaxed stroll around town. Because Antwerp is rather small, everything is close together and can be reached very easily, either by public transportation or on foot.

When you take the train to Antwerp, the first thing you see is the magnificent central station, which has been renovated a couple of years ago. It is one of the most beautiful train stations of Europe.


The Antwerp cathedral is one of the must-see buildings. It is in the heart of Antwerp, close to the Groenplaats, the Grote Markt and the Meir.


Then there is the City Hall on the Grote Markt and Meir, the main shopping street of Antwerp.

City hall Meir

Recently, a museum, called ‘MAS’, has been built in the neighborhood ‘Het Eilandje’ (literally ‘The Island’), which is one of the popular neighborhoods in Antwerp. It is next to the Schelde, which is the river flowing through Antwerp. It’s a great place to sit outside of a bar, watching the boats and magnificent sights.


The Court of Justice is also an amazing new building. It has been built a couple of years ago and looks very futuristic with the rooftops sticking out (these actually have a function, as they generate electricity using solar power). 

Court of Justice 

There’s a lot more of awesomeness to discover in Antwerp that isn’t included here. Also, none of the pictures do the actual buildings justice, you really have to see them for yourselves! 


If you would prefer sleeping in your own room and don't mind paying for it, here are a few hotel options:

Crowne Plaza
Gerard le Grellelaan 10
2020 Antwerpen http://www.crowneplaza-antwerpen.be
Prices starting from €50 pp/pn
Reachable by bus 17 (20 min drive, every 10 min)

Ramada Plaza
Desguinlei 94
2018 Antwerpen http://www.ramadaplaza-antwerp.com/intl/en/index.php
Prices starting from €50 pp/pn
Reachable by bus 17 (20 min drive, every 10 min)

Hotel Bristol International
Edegemsestraat 1
2640 Mortsel http://www.hotelbristol.be/indexen.html
Prices starting from €30 pp/pn
Reachable by bus 140/141 (15 min drive, every 20 min)