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Welcome to the Berlin Plone sprint 2016!


Please use hashtag: #berlinsprint


May 16th-20th, 2016 (Mo-Fr)


Main organizer is Gil Forcada, you can reach him by phone at: +49 157 369 310 49


IN-Berlin: http://osm.org/go/0MZvv6W1L?node=418085467

Lehrter Str. 53
10557 Berlin

How to get there

Berlin is a great city to move in bicycle or using public transport. If you choose the former, in front of IN-Berlin offices there's parking for bikes, if you choose the later BVG (Berlin's public transport company) has all the necessary information.

The easiest way to reach it is by going to Berlin's main train station (Hauptbahnhof) and then taking the bus 123, 4 stops later you will be at Kruppstr bus stop, only a few meters away from IN-Berlin offices.

Another option is to take the bus M27 and stop at Quitzowstr. bus stop, is not as close as 123 bus stop, but maybe, depending on where are you staying, more convenient.

There are weekly tickets for all BVG transport within zones A/B (nearly everything in Berlin but Schönefeld airport which is at zone C) for 30€. If you are staying for the whole sprint it may make sense to get one, as we are going to around the city at night for dinner and have fun. There's also daily tickets if you are not staying that longer. All details can be found at https://shop.bvg.de/index.php/tickets


der Freitag as organizer and IN-Berlin as a host.


This sprint will be a follow up of Alpine City Strategic sprint, so the main topics will be:

  • Update Zope dependencies (PLIP 1351)
    • review where it was left and continue working on it
  • ZCatalog improvements
    • finish PLIP 1343 (assimilate collective.indexing)
    • merge Products.CMFPlone/Products.CMFCore and ZCatalog code?
  • Assimilate/merge/split CMF packages
    • review which parts of CMF are still useful
    • remove (with deprecation warnings) what's no longer used
    • merge on other packages what's still useful
  • PAS/ PlonePAS cleanup (PAS 2.0)
    • merge cleanups upstream (zopefoundation repo)
    • merge parts of PlonePAS patches upstream
    • delete unused/deprecate used BBB (GRUF) patches form PlonePAS
    • move tool modifications up to CMFPlone
    • at the end PlonePAS contains BBB code only and becomes superfluos
  • Python 3
    • continue working towards more python 3 compatibility
    • gather hard facts about what needs to be ported
    • ideally make a plan that can be split into as many parallel tasks as possible
  • Update documentation on docs.plone.org
    • fix all form documentation which still uses Grok stuff
    • give good examples of forms based on z3c.form, autoform aso.
  • Further Zope-Tasks are collected in https://github.com/plone/Products.CMFPlone/issues/1504

      As it will happen at the very same time as Barcelona sprint 2016 we will try to keep at least a daily standup with them.


      Gil Forcada 


      IN-Berlin offices have capacity for 15-20 persons, so please sign up below:

      Add yourself: Name Surname, company, how sure are you about making to the sprint

      1.  Gil Forcada, der Freitag, 100%
      2. Jens Vagelpohl, Zetwork, locally, 100% (17.05.-20.05.)
      3. Jens Klein, Klein & Partner KG - BlueDynamics Alliance, 90%
      4. Guido Stevens, Cosent, 0% (sorry guys, not coming)
      5. Maik Derstappen, derico, locally, 100% (16.05-19.05)
      6. Stephan Klinger, der Freitag, 100%
      7. Philip Bauer, Starzel.de, 90% (sorry, I have to cancel due to a family-event)
      8. Érico Andrei ridelink.com 50%
      9. Florian Pilz, gocept, 100% (17.05.-19.05.)
      10. Michael Howitz, gocept, 100% (17.05.-20.05.)
      11. Thomas Lotze, 100% (17.05.-19.05.)


      Social activities

      Some suggestions, we can decide on them:

      * getting an overview is always nice. The TV-Tower (Fernsehturm) is probably the most obvious choice, but I want to suggest two other points of view. a) The Panorama Punkt at Potsdamer Platz (Step into the fastest elevator in Europe to begin your journey through the eventful history of one of the world's most significant and popular squares. - http://www.panoramapunkt.de/en/welcome.html) b) The other TV-Tower (Funkturm) (http://www.funkturm-messeberlin.de/en/ObservationDeck/)

      * The public busline 100 covers quite some sights. (http://www.visitberlin.de/en/article/experience-berlin-by-bus-100)

      * Berliner Untwelten. Guided tours through things that happened in the underground of Berlin. We could take a tour leading through the bomb shelter from WW2 at train station Gesundbrunnen.