There are countless older homes over 30 years old in the United States that are still using ancient garage door systems, and this is having a detrimental effect on the homes’ resale values and energy efficiency. It’s extremely important that we come together as a nation in order to combat the energy issues we’re all facing, and one of the ways we can do this is to incentivize homeowners of older homes to make certain adjustments that are better for the environment.


We’re very lucky to have partnered up with a garage door replacement specialist to helps us compile this list of 5 reasons why homeowners should consider replacing their garage doors for more modern features, so here is our list:


Property Value and Aesthetics


The first thing you should do as a homeowner is simply look at your garage door and analyze its overall appearance. If it’s looking rather old and outdated then it may be time for a switch up in color and style. Your home’s curb appeal is really important to the overall property value, and your garage door is a major aspect of your home’s curb appeal that should be taken very seriously.


If you’re considering selling your older home, then replacing your garage door before putting it on the market can actually be a very good investment with decent returns. This is because the investment into your new garage door can actually allow you to increase the value of your home exponentially due to a higher quality curb appeal, so you can get your money back and then some when you get a modern garage door replacement.


Energy Costs


Energy efficiency is a big part of the reason why a lot of older homes need to replace their garage doors, and this is primarily because older garage doors simply let out too much warm air, or vice versa let in too much cold air into garages. If you like to use your garage door as an extra storage space, then it makes perfect sense that you’re going to want to ensure the room’s overall comfort and temperature.


By replacing your garage door, you can get an insulated model that maintains your garage temperature, and ultimately will make your entire home much more energy efficient!


More Efficient Storage


Any older garage doors will ultimately put whatever you want in your garage at a certain amount of risk towards deterioration. Poorly insulated garage doors will have a really bad effect on most storage items, which is why a lot of older homes need to think about replacement so they can salvage their property.


Many older homes’ garage doors are at risk of burglary as well, so replacing your garage door can ultimately keep your things safer from being stolen too.


Access and Safety


There are many older garage doors that simply aren’t safe enough for today’s world, and it’s an unfortunate part of our society that they are still so prevalent within our neighborhoods. Older homes need to replace their garage door in order to gain the more modern sensor technology that makes garage doors today so much safer than in the past.


Many modern garage doors also utilize keypads and other security options that make it much safer from burglars, so your home can remain much safer.


Insurance Incentives


There are many different home insurance companies that will actually offer homeowners of older homes certain incentives when it comes to installing new garage doors that have certain security and safety features. These incentives can include an overall reduction in monthly payments, so you can many times help yourself pay for your new garage door via your insurance!


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We all love our dogs, cats and whatever pets we have, but we all also know just how damaging having a pet can be to your home’s overall smells and your furniture’s comfort. Dogs will ultimately cause your carpets to stain, no matter how well trained they are, which is why carpet cleaning is such a regular task for dog and pet owners.


But the issue that comes up with carpet cleaning is when the chemicals and other cleaning procedures become health hazards for our furry loved ones. No one wants to harm their pet, but no one also wants to live in a house with filthy carpets!


This is why we’ve come up with this article that entails a list of tips to help you clean your carpets in a much safer way for you and your pets. We’re very lucky to have partnered up with Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio to help us with this list of tips, and by going through this list of tips you’ll be much more prepared to handle any carpet stains and filth without affecting your pets!


Although there are many over-the-counter cleaning supplies that are safe for pets, the following are some tips to be ultra careful when it comes to your pets’ safety when cleaning your carpets!


Baking Soda


Baking soda is a relatively great odor absorber, and it’s typically pretty safe when it comes to its abrasiveness with your carpets and your pet’s sensitive nasal passages. One good strategy is to pour it on your carpet and let it sit there for up to an hour, and then simply vacuum it up. You’ll see great results within your carpet, and your pets won’t mind the smells too much either.


Utilizing baking soda as a cleaning scrub is also a common carpet cleaning strategy, especially when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your pets’ water and food bowls. This type of mixture will do wonders when it comes to scrubbing away any grime and excess food particles, and it can also be used on all sorts of household surfaces!


All you’ll need is baking soda, salt and warm water to make this type of cleaning formula, and the best part is that it’s inexpensive and safe for your pets!


Baking soda can also be a really good ingredient when making a doggy deodorizer or carpet freshener, and this is partly because baking soda is an all-natural product that will inherently clean surfaces like carpets and other areas of your home that pets can meddle with.


All-Purpose Cleaner


All purpose cleaner is something that is found in every home, but it’s important for pet owners to know some effective ways to utilize all-purpose cleaning products to their best abilities.


One DIY formula we have is to combine a ½ cup of white vinegar within a significant portion of warm water and then use this formula within a spray bottle. This will be a very safe all-purpose cleaner for your pets that won’t have any detrimental externalities when it comes to using the cleaning product on a regular basis throughout your home.


This DIY cleaning formula is safe to use with your dog’s toys, grooming materials and other surfaces that need to be freshened up on a regular basis.


Sometimes vinegar is just not the pleasant smell that people want in their home and from their cleaning formulas, we get it, and that’s why we also recommend utilizing a lemon-fresh all-purpose cleaning formula that smells a lot better.


So instead of using vinegar with your DIY pet-friendly cleaning solution, you can use lemon juice. The lemon juice will be a good alternative to vinegar when combined with baking soda and hot water, and this is because lemon juice contains a lot of helpful enzymes that help break down bacteria and other harmful organic matter.


Vinegar Carpet Stain Removers


Carpet stains from pets can sometimes be extremely difficult to fully remove, which is why vinegar-based stain removing solutions are sometimes necessary to lift heavy stains from deep within your carpet’s fibers.


Getting rid of heavy carpet stains is a lot easier said than done, which is why we always recommend using safe materials and solutions to ensure that your pet is happy before and after your cleaning sessions!


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