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Bolzano, Italy

The sprint will be held at the TIS Innovation Park in Bolzano, an innovative and technological center in Bolzano and it will be organised by the TIS - Free Software Center and the collaboration of Vincenzo Barone and Abstract Solutions. You can take a look at the Piazza Walter Webcam (the main square in the center of Bolzano) or take a look at a video presentation of the city.

How to reach Bolzano and the sprint location

How to reach bolzano: http://www.bolzano-bozen.it/en/how-to-reach-us.htm

How to reach the sprint location: http://www.tis.bz.it/uber-uns/reach-us

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November 11 - November 13 , 2008

nice panorama view of bolzano

Sprint Topics

  • Devilstick - a new model-based way to deal with data-structures in Zope. Model-Interpreter, API and User Interface. Use different storages transparently. 
  • Multimedia - improving the Plone4Artists products to improve audio, video and podcasting capabilities of Plone.
  • plonegetpaid - improving PloneGetPaid, bug fixing and features adding. Details here.
Other sprint topics will be decided as soon as possible!

...but you can make some proposals if you have some ideas!!


If you want to join the sprint you have to register online here: REGISTRATION

We organized some packages for you! More informations and the possibility to purchase the packages at the registration link above.

You can keep track of th attendees on the partecipants page where you can subscribe to let us organise the event as good as possible!


here some links...

hostel - http://bozen.jugendherberge.it/

hotel - http://www.cappellodiferro.com

garni - http://www.thuille.it


do you want to help us with a sponsorship?

  • Gold Sponsorship — 2000 Euro

    • Your logo and link to your website on the official sprint page and in any official sprint materials

    • Complimentary accomodations for one sprinter

    • Your logo at the sprint site

  • Silver Sponsorship — 1000 Euro

    • Your logo and link to your website on the official sprint page

    • Your logo at the sprint site

  • Bronze Sponsorship — 500 Euro

    • Your logo and link to your website on the official sprint page

nice panorama view of bolzano