• Mary Portas' high street report

last modified December 28, 2011 by andrewdakers

Commenting on the Portas report, Andrew Dakers, Chair of Brentford High Street Steering Group, said: 

"The clarity of thinking offered by Portas' study is very encouraging. We hope that the Government will act on the recommendations in the Spring. Unusually (!) this is a real page turner of a report with plenty of practical advice for local authorities, town centre partnerships, retailers large and small, as well as landlords.

"Brentford High Street Steering Group has tested many of these ideas over the past five years. The report is a rich source of ideas and inspiration for us to take our work with community and business partners to the next level."

Download the full Portas report and associated report on "Understanding high street performance" from http://www.bis.gov.uk/highstreet