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Brentford High Street, the heart of Brentford in West London, is embarking on a new chapter in its development.HighStreetLogo.gif

In 2006, after many years of waiting for re-development of the town centre that had never arrived, our community took into our own hands the challenge of breathing new life into the heart of the town.  This has been moved forward by bringing the local business community , residents and our local council together round the table in a Steering group. 

Together we are putting in place short and medium term plans to improve the shopping experience that High Street Brentford offers.  At the same time we have used a community planning process to develop a clear view of what a sustainable future for the High Street looks like - see Brentford High Street - The Community Vision .  This aims to create a more vibrant shopping area that respects the history of the town and is also a world-class model for High Street regeneration elsewhere.  The process is being supported by local Syon and Brentford ward councillors and our local MP.  



  • October 2018: Brentford High Street Steering Group announces wind-up after twelve years
  • February 2018:   London Green, with joint venture partner Topland Group, receive approval for schemes for the old police station site and the current Watermans and Max Factor buildings, which will see Watermans relocate to new facilities in the town centre.  Relocating Watermans to the town centre was a key recommendation in the 2007 community vision.
  • March 2018:  Secretary of State approves the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) for the land required for Ballymore development south of Brentford High Street – a process that started in March 2017 with a public enquiry in October 2017.
  • April 2017: Essential Living Scheme for the Morrisons site is approved by Hounslow Council's Planning Committee

  • March 2017: Pocahontas plaque, created by local artist Claire Ireland, is unveiled in the Syon Park wall to the West of Brentford Town Centre to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of Pocahontas.  This was led by the Thames Landscape Strategy and championed by Cllr Paul Lynch.  A physical marker remembering Pocahontas’ connection to the town was a recommendation in the 2007 community vision for the high street.

  • March 2017: Compulsory Purchase Order process progresses on South side of Brentford High Street
  • Friday 27 January 2017: Andrew Dakers, Chair of BHSSG, chairs public meeting on Morrisons site
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  • Friday 9 October 2016: Brentford Market is awarded Social Enterprise of the Year at the Hounslow Business Awards 2016 
  • August 2016: Becks Vanstone appointed as Market Development Manager 
  • Sunday 24 April 2016: An extended Spring Fair takes place 
  • March 2016: Katie McKenzie appointed as Market Development Manager
  • November 2015: LI Awards - President's Award Winner: Brentford High Street ‘Making the connection’ by Kinnear Landscape Architects
  • March 2015: Civic Trust Awards regional finalistBrentford High Street ‘Making the connection’ by Kinnear Landscape Architects
  • Thursday 15 January 2015: Hounslow Chronicle reports Brentford Market enjoys record start to 2015, with visitor numbers up by 56% on last year
  • Friday 28 November 2014: The Fire Garden produced by Walk the Plank, in conjunction with Watermans Arts centre celebrates the completion of the recent improvement works to the Market Place and canal tow path - report on by BrentfordTW8.com and The Hounslow Chronicle
  • Thursday 27 November 2014: Ballymore's planning application went to Planning Committee at 7.30pm on Thurs 27 Nov 2014, Civic Centre, Hounslow.    Read the officers report to Planning Committee.  Read our commented version of Ballymore's Revised Design Code for the site.  Despite our objections, along with Brentford Chamber and Brentford Community Council the decision was approved, with 12 councillors voting in favour, two Councillors voting against and one Councillor abstaining.   View the Land south of the High Street - Objectors presentation.  Watch the planning meeting on YouTube.  Read reports on Get West London and BrentfordTW8.com   Also read Andrew Dakers' statement on 28 November 2014 .
  • Sunday 17 August 2014: For the past three years BHSSG has been actively supporting the bid for Outer London Fund Round 2 funding (The Brentford Connection) which has seen improvements to the canal-side sheds and most exciting of all the renovation of Market Place.  This Sunday we celebrate Market Place being completed (except for the front steps to the Magistrates Court) and our licence for operating Brentford Market being extended.  We are also submitting an application to expand the market to 25 stalls (the original license was 15).  All income generated from the market covers operational costs and marketing.
  • 27 June 2014: Planning Minister Nick Boles MP visits Brentford High Street (organised by local MP Mary Macleod) and meets BHSSG trustees Jo Lavery and Julia Quilliam
  • June 2014: Rachel Victor-Sampson starts as new Town Centre Manager for Brentford and Chiswick.  BHSSG looking forward to working closely with Rachel in the years ahead.
  • 22 May 2014: In the run up to the local elections BHSSG sought the views of all local political parties on the regeneration of Brentford town centre - find out what they had to say!
  • 30 April 2014: 60 local residents and traders met with Jo Swindells (new project manager at Ballymore) and Brendon Walsh (Planning Director and LB Hounslow) in a heated meeting on Ballymore's proposals for the town centre - a meeting organised by Brentford Chamber.  Read the Chamber's notes and the report in the Hounslow Chronicle.
  • 29 April 2014: BHSSG Hounslow Local Plan Response highlights the Brentford Area Action Plan (BAAP) High Street policies under threat as a result of the BAAP not being included in the draft Hounslow Local Plan 
  • Sunday 12 May 2013: BHSSG managed Brentford Market launched in Market Place, running weekly 10am-2pm.  Keep in touch with developments on the Market's website and also via Twitter.
  • Fri 22nd Feb 2013: BHSSG, Brentford Chamber of Commerce and Brentford Community Council sent joint letter to Brendon Walsh (Director of Planning at LB Hounslow) calling for the Council to negotiate improvements to the Town Centre planning application in six specific areas
  • Wed 30th Jan 2013: BHSSG submit our license application to LB Hounslow for a six month pilot Food Market in Brentford town centre - it will run from late April to early September every Sunday, with support from the National Lottery and Portas Pilots programme
  • 4 Dec 2012: LB Hounslow Cabinet approves the paper "Proposed Disposal of Land and Assets, South of High Street, Brentford" and related Appendix.  The cabinet decision: "agreed in principle to the disposal of land and property to Ballymore as set out in the report (see Appendix A), subject to paragraph 2.3 of the report and to their receipt of planning consent and suitable terms being agreed; authorised the Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Environment to negotiate the sale of those assets in consultation with the Lead Member for Planning and Regeneration; [and] agreed in principle the use of a compulsory purchase order to help facilitate the development subject to a future detailed report prior to any recommendation to full Council."    BHSSG supports this step forward in the planning process, but notes that the Council must think carefully about what "best value/consideration" means in the context of a sustainable regeneration.  Seeking the highest price (and not looking at wider social value achieved through a lower financial return) may undermine achieving the planning policy objectives for the town centre.
  • 21 November 2012: Andrew Dakers presentation to the public meeting on Wednesday 21 November .  Read the BrentfordTW8.com meeting report here 


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