• Regeneration Scorecard

last modified November 20, 2011 by andrewdakers

A working group of knowledgeable individuals on Brentford High Street from Brentford Chamber of Commerce, Brentford Community Council and Brentford High Street Steering Group (BHSSG) has been rapidly convened to monitor the fast developing masterplan for the South side of Brentford High Street.  The work of the group will be signed off and reviewed by all three organisations' memberships.

The first draft of the Working Group's Brentford High Street Regen Scorecard and supporting Issues paper can be downloaded as of 18 November 2011.

 Please e-mail any comments to: andrew.dakers@blueyonder.co.uk (Andrew Dakers, BHSSG), peter@photoview.co.uk (Peter Hughes, Brentford Chamber) or browne_partnership@hotmail.com (Denis Browne, Brentford Community Council).