• Views of all local political parties on the regeneration of Brentford town centre - 2014

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In the run up to the 2014 local elections BHSSG, Brentford Chamber of Commerce and Brentford Community Council sent the following survey and standard cover letter to all the political parties.   This is how they responded...

Community Group

Read the Community Group's response to the survey here: pg 1 and pg 2


In late 2012 Mary Macleod said: "I believe that this is a unique opportunity for regenerating Brentford High Street, and so it is important that we get it right. Brentford has a really strong community and that will be really important as we design a new structure to make Brentford “even more brilliant!”"

No formal response to the letter and survey, but in a local Conservative tabloid newspaper 'Local News - Spring 2014' in the run up to polling day they wrote: "The proposals that have been put forward have been roundly condemned by many local residents.  Vibrant shopping areas are vital to the local economy and for jobs and growth.  Conservatives understand this and want to work with residents and traders to make it happen."


To be fair to the Green Party we sent them the survey late in the day - and they didn't manage to reply.  In Jan 2008 Sian Berry - Green Party Mayoral Candidate - backed the Community Vision in her NewStatesman.com write up of a visit to Brentford High Street for a briefing.  Read the article here


No formal response to the letter and survey.  However Cllr Dennison (Syon ward) and Cllr Collins (Brentford ward) who represented the Labour party at public meetings running up to the election, spoke out strongly regarding their concerns about current town centre proposals.

Liberal Democrats

Read the Lib Dems response to the survey.

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