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Code-Sprinting in the midst of South Styrian wine yards and "Buschenschänken". From May 16th to May 20th 2011 in Austria.

Take a look at some pictures we took!

When: May 16 until May 20, 2011.
Where: Wielitsch and Grasnitzberg in Berghausen, 8471 Spielfeld, Austria, Europe
Google map: http://bit.ly/hWe5H4

Hashtag: Use #bssp

Contact: Johannes Raggam, johannes@raggam.co.at
Contact phone: +43 650 5724426

weingarten_herbst_s.jpg ferienhaus_s.jpg Steirische Weinstraße

When, Where and How

The sprint begins on May 16th and ends on May 20, 2011. If you arrive on May 19 or leave on May 22nd and want to have some extra time, the rooms are available also on these dates.

The sprint takes place in Berghausen - a village located in the South Styrian Wine Street (Südsteirische Weinstraße - see here and here).

Address: Wielitsch and Grasnitzberg in Berghausen, 8471 Spielfeld, Austria, Europe 

See the Google Map with tagged locations: http://bit.ly/hWe5H4

The place is easily accessible by train from Graz or Maribor (Slovenia) - the train stop is called "Spielfeld". Search for somewhere to "Spielfeld" here: http://fahrplan.oebb.at/. For the last 1000m you'll be picked up by car. There are two locations available, as explained below. These locations are used to sleep and work and are available for the whole time.


Accommodation is provided on-site for about 12 persons. For more information and other private appartments see Accommodation .

Location 1, Wielitsch 23

Location 2, Grasnitzberg

  • 500 m from Location 1, but you have to pass one Buschenschank to get there.
  • Info location 2: http://bit.ly/hc5pgw
  • wlan, 8Mbit/768kbit
  • 2 private appartments, alltogether 7+ person

Buschenschänke nearby

A "Buschenschank" is something like a wine tavern, run by farmers who offer their own wine and cold plates. It's the South-Austrian aequivalent of North-Austrian "Heurige".


  • Self-cathering (we'll drive to a nearby supermarket some time
  • Costs for the Locations: about 20€ per person and day.


*** add your topic ***

  • Plone 4.2
  • plone.app.event
  • Deliverance Theming
  • AGX3 stack with node and yafowil
  • Automated test runner
  • ...


*** add your name ***

  • Johannes Raggam (BlueDynamics Alliance, Graz) 
  • Robert Niederreiter, BlueDynamics Alliance, rnix
  • Attila Oláh, Aiur d.o.o. & Vemble B.V., Subotica, Serbia (leaving on Thursday, May 20)
  • Hermina Vass, Aiur d.o.o., Subotica, Serbia  (leaving on Thursday, May 20)
  • Georg Gogo. BERNHARD, ]a[ academy of fine arts vienna (not an artist), Gogo|tty 
  • Florian Friesdorf, chaoflow, BlueDynamics Alliance - partly as remote sprinter
  • Nejc Zupan, zupo, NiteoWeb, 90% (I'll drive up there for at least a day or so)
  • Christoph Scheid, AnneGilles, 99,9% (need a lift from spielfeld: Sun. 15.05 @19:09)
  • Jens Klein, jensens, Klein & Partner - BlueDynamics Alliance, leave at Thursday late afternoon

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