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­While our Board of Directors is responsible for our decisions and assumes overall legal responsibility for the corporation, a Resident Advisory Network is destined to engage the broader community and help direct these Directors. To help facilitate this 'direction,' the Resident Advisory Network's coordinator has an ex-officio seat on the Board of Directors.

Engaging the Public


We're in an era of rapid change in networking technologies and techniques. Today (January 2009) the following are the social networks where we have, or are in the process of establishing, accounts. These inform and feed into our blog, web, and wiki sites. 

Supporters, keep us appraised of new developments in these arenas. And should you have the opportunity to contribute to or help oversee one of these 'feeders,' do step up.











To function optimally, Connecting.nyc Inc. (CnI) must operate in a manner that is open, transparent, and responsive to the community. Aware of foibles and inclinations that limit and narrow explorations and opinions, CnI created a Resident Advisory Network (RAN) to provide broad access to our deliberations and decision-making processes.

With this wiki our primary public channel, it's relatively easy to graffiti a complaint on the front page (that's direct access!). Our Advisory Network, as conduit of opinions, is the front line in avoiding the need for such drastic measure.

A process to reach out and locate opportunities and concerns is vital to Connecting.nyc Inc.'s success, and indeed the success of the city itself.

We expect that the future of .nyc will be noted first within the Resident Advisory Network, and after deep deliberation, be passed on to the board of directors for formal ratification.


The following are members of our Resident Advisory Network.

  • Mitchell Cohen - Entertainer and poet
  • Tarik Coles - Community advocate 
  • Hannah Kopelman - Technology activist and artist, RAN Coordinator
  • Robert Pollard - Information Ecologist
  • Jimmy Smith - Member and Former Chair, Queens Community Board 3
  • Frans Verhagen - M.Div., M.I.A., Ph.D., Sustainability Sociologist 

Membership Criteria

While called the Resident Advisory Network, membership is open to all those interested in creating a better city - current and former residents and New York City wannabes alike.

A commitment to engage with the issues before the Advisory Network on a regular basis and agreement with a transparency statement about openness about areas in which one has a self interest are the minimum criteria. To join, email your interest areas and expertise you might bring to the RAN's work to tom@connectingnyc.org.

RAN Governance

The initiative and active engagement of Hannah Kopelman enabled the creation of the initial RAN. The selection process for RAN's future coordinators is under discussion.

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