institute-for-sustainable-cities-cuny.bmpThe Journal of Urban Technology and two CUNY Institutes, the Institute for Urban Systems and the Institute for Sustainable Cities, co-sponsoring a presentation by the Canadian scholar, Anthony Perl, the guest editor of JUT’s issue on “Cities, Energy, and the Post-Oil Paradigm.” Beyond a civic interest in energy and the future of our city, Acting Director Thomas Lowenhaupt attended the presentation to recruit a developer of the “ TLD’s Role in Creating a Sustainable City” paper. See here for an update on that effort.

One of the presenters, Richard Gilbert, spoke on how Hamilton, Ontario had adopted a plan making energy the center of its land use planning process. (See the 7 land use planning principles in the Hamilton Plan.)

This raises the question of a TLDs role in land use. While its role in providing geographic names - boroughs, neighborhoods, civic organizations, etc. - is apparent, the intersection of names, land use planning, and sustainability opens a new area for exploration in the forthcoming Sustainability paper.

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