­­Here’s the basic presentation we provide to community groups these days, courtesy of a great slideshare.net service. VIEW it here!

Note: The presentation will soon show in this window. And we’re looking to add audio and video. If you can help out with either, email toml@communisphere.com.


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­­ With Connecting.nyc Inc. completing many of its start-up activities in 2007 – business plan, incorporation as a N.Y.S. not-for profit, website, wiki, blog – we enter 2008 with more than a year remaining before the ICANN finalizes the .nyc TLD’s issuance. What will we accom­plish this year?

While many application preparations remain, we see the opportunity to begin fulfilling our mission and will initiate our premier education effort – The Civics Project.

In the coming months we will identify and set aside civic spaces and digitalcivitas.0.jpg tools that will facilitate civic communication. And perhaps most importantly, we will start writing curriculum for the new civic processes that will be enabled by the arrival of the .nyc TLD.

Why did we select The Civics Project?

Last April I completed my 14th year on the local community board. One lesson I learned was that, not only is the public unaware of the boards and their role, but of government structure and democratic practices in general. This is not surprising considering the paucity of civic education provided in our public schools. (There are a few exceptions such as the new Democracy Prep Charter School in Harlem.)

As we begin to carve out the civic spaces and developing tools to facilitate civic activities, we will connect with the Department of Education and others responsible organizations to plan curriculum and programs for a more informed and engaged public and an even better New York City.

Make 2008 a fulfilling year by joining the effort.

Tom Lowenhaupt, Director

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