jefferson-market-library.jpgMay 2, 2008 - Inc. is scheduled to make three public presentations during May. The first will be May 7th at the Third Annual New Media Day Conference at LaGuardia Community College in Long Island City, Queens. The 10:15 AM presentation will focus how a new set of domain names will help students as they start businesses, initiate civic projects, or publish their thoughts to the world. See event details.

The next CnI contact opportunity is Tuesday, May 13, 7 PM at the offices of The Open Planning Project. Here we will explore the ways organizing and decision-making software can be used to develop resident support for the .nyc TLD and begin to imagine its ongoing planning role in our communities and city. TOPP is located at 347 West 12th Street. Seating is limited with access organized through our Meetup link.

Finally, on May 21 we will make a general ’scope of project’ presentation at the Jefferson Market Library. Sponsored by the Internet Society, the presentation will start from the project’s roots as expressed in a 2001 Internet Empowerment Resolution passed by a local community board, through the long path to acquisition, and review the many opportunities that arise with .nyc’s arrival. It will tell the .nyc story from the perspective of how a TLD can address the everyday challenges of city life. Jefferson Market is located at 425 6th Avenue, at 10th Street, picture at right. (Commons photo courtesy of shelly blogger.)

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