resolution.jpg June 30, 2008, New York - A resolution supportive of the .nyc TLD was introduced into the city council on June 29. The Reso. reads:

Reso. No. 1495

Resolution supporting the local efforts to acquire the .nyc Top Level Domain and urging The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to approve the City’s application in order to meet the needs of city residents via the Internet.

By Council Members Brewer, Comrie, Jackson, James, Liu, Palma, Seabrook and White Jr.

Whereas, The Internet has revolutionized the dynamics by which society interacts on social, economic, and political levels, both globally and locally, by expanding the opportunity for an exchange of ideas and by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness with which information is managed and disseminated; and

Whereas, In 1984, Top Level Domains (TLD) for countries were first issued, such as “.us” and “.uk” yet, cities have historically been ineligible for TLDs and thereby excluded from developing full featured web spaces; and

Whereas, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), a globally recognized not-for-profit that is responsible for the coordination of domain names world wide, is currently developing policy recommendations and implementation guidelines to allow for the introduction of new TLDs to augment those already available including, .com, .edu, .org, and .gov; and

Whereas, The new TLD process that is being introduced by ICANN will issue TLDs to cities for the first time in 2009 from which, cities like New York will be able to receive a .nyc domain name; and

Whereas, The recognizable benefits that a .nyc TLD can bring to New York City include, a directory of resources; improved global visibility; benefits for city businesses through increased access to better domain names; revenue from new domain names; and increased civic and community networking; and

Whereas, Since 2001 there has been an emergence of a grassroots effort within New York City to secure a .nyc TLD in order to benefit city residents and visitors; and

Whereas, This community-based effort has participated in various international forums, including both ICANN and the United Nations sponsored International Governance Forum, extolling the potential benefits of a .nyc TLD for the New York City community; and

Whereas, Many proponents of the .nyc TLD believe that the domain should be operated in the public interest with excess proceeds from the operation of the TLD to be reinvested back into the local community; and

Whereas, The governance structure for the .nyc TLD should ensure that the policies and practices implemented within the TLD take into account the appropriate balance of public and private sectors;

Whereas, Other global cities are now actively pursuing their own city-based TLD initiatives, and if New York City seeks to maintain its historic role as a global pioneer in both commerce and culture, prompt action should be taken; now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Council of the City of New York supports the local efforts to acquire the .nyc Top Level Domain and urges The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to approve the City’s application in order to meet the needs of city residents via the Internet.

This is the first step in the council’s legislative process with hearings and a vote by the council to come. Hearings will be scheduled in September or October. (Commons photo courtesy of Aldon Hynes.)

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  1. Interesting read! Makes sense for cities to pursue their own Dot-City domain. If so acquired, they could have another potentially huge revenue source, e.g. selling domains, websites, hosting services, e-mail accounts, etc., all of which could be linked together and promoted by the City Government. I would expect that City Governments are going to rush quickly to get their Dot-City domain lest some other City Government with the same name beats them to the request and gets the benefit of a potentially huge revenue source (not to mention a source of City pride and world recognition). Certainly there’s a lot at stake in this arena!

    Raymond Marshall
    NuMedia Concepts, LLC

    Comment by Southland.LA on August 3, 2008 at 1:48 pm

  2. Raymond,

    Not sure about the business aspect of your post, but I think one the concern of city grabbing a TLD before another is something that’s been considered and deemed lacking viability. The Berliners have taken the lead on this, visiting Berlins around the globe for a unified application.

    “The company dotBERLIN represents all Berliners in applying for the .berlin top-level domain so as to provide the basis for Berliners and their organizations to register their own domains with the ending .berlin. dotBERLIN is the first initiative worldwide for a city Top-Level-Domain…” See more at

    Tom Lowenhaupt Inc.

    Comment by Tom Lowenhaupt on August 29, 2008 at 2:56 pm

  3. Tom,

    No business aspect, just a sense of excitement that Dot-City domains are finally on the horizon and organizations such as yours are helping to make this concept a reality. I really welcome the companhy! However, I do respectfully disagree with some of your points.

    If a Dot-City domain is to benefit from representing a geographical location, then having many cities sharing the same domain may not be the best approach. Regarding Dot-Berlin, it’s possible that many cities may agree to share that domain space (who knows), but, when users are visiting that domain space, I would argue that most will associate Dot-Berlin with Berlin, Germany. Another point to keep in mind is that getting a Dot-City domain off the ground takes a significant amount of money, not just to get the infrastructure up and running, but, to market the domain space. Much larger cities will be in a better position to both finance and market a domain space. The marketing side is probably more critical since you’ll need to create awareness. Just because you build it doesn’t mean they’ll automatically come. Imagine how quickly the City of Berlin, Germany, could use its existing infrastructure and financial wherewithal to create awareness of Dot-LA in Berline, Germany. Let me give you some examples of how this could be accomplished. This city could use its public infrastructure to significantly and effectively market Dot-Berlin at virtually know additional cost, e.g. buses/bus stops, light rail/stations, city-owned vehicles, city-owned buildings, city websites, etc. That’s before it even considers spending one nickel on marketing Dot-Berlin in other marketing venues outside its infrastructure.

    I would even take this analysis one step farther and argue that the perception of Dot-Berlin would become more associated with Berlin, Germany, over time since more in that city will likely use Dot-Berlin than those that live in other small cities using the same name in another country.

    With that said, I must admit that I really respect and commend the efforts of dotBERLIN as well as those of your organization. I wish them and your organization a successful outcome!


    Raymond Marshall
    NuMedia Concepts, LLC

    Comment by Southland.LA on August 30, 2008 at 12:02 pm

  4. Update - Please pardon the typo in my post immediately above. I meant to type “Dot-Berlin”, not “Dot-LA”. Perhaps I was subconsciously thinking how great it would be if the City of Los Angeles marketed Dot-LA in the same manner.

    Raymond Marshall
    NuMedia Concepts, LLC

    Comment by Southland.LA on August 30, 2008 at 12:47 pm

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