August 6, 2008, New York - With the ICANN having approved a New TLD Policy in June, we thought it helpful that we issue a Key Task Completion Report showing the progress made and the road ahead. This chart summarizes the status of The Campaign’s major tasks with brief explanations following. To learn how you can become part of our effort, see The Acquisition Campaign wiki page.


  1. Gain ICANN Support for City-TLDs - Seven years after the Internet Empowerment Resolution and a four year development effort, the ICANN has approved a New TLD Policy that allows cities to apply for TLDs. The remaining task for ICANN is to issue a RFP, expected in early 2009.
  2. Generate Community Support - This is the primary focus of our efforts these days. In the Fall we will be continuing our outreach to city entities - people and organizations - for their thoughts on how we might best develop this vital Internet resource.
  3. Develop ICANN Application - The ICANN has spent over $15 million creating its New TLD Policy and the application process. It promises to be an online filing with significant thought and preparation required. And then there’s the application fee, estimated to be “in the low 6 figures” at this point.
  4. Gain ICANN Application Approval - If we’ve done our community outreach in a comprehensive manner and presented the community’s will in a detailed and responsive application, approval should be nearly automatic. Getting that approval implemented, i.e., making .nyc a live TLD, could prove challenging if many applications are offered.
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