­complaints.JPGNovember 2, 2008, New York - Last night we responded to a Knight Foundation request for proposals on ways to improve community communication. We responded with a proposal entitled Issue-Communities.

We’ve created  a wiki page describing the Issue-Communities concept and invite your thoughts. Should you find it  a reasonable idea, click on that page’s link to the Knight Foundation and indicate your level of approval - from 1 to 5 stars.

2,100 proposals were submitted and the Foundation is relying on user generated reviews - that’s you - to help make the cream rise to the top. An esteemed panel will pick the 50 top proposals which will be asked to detail their idea. But they can’t read all 2,100 submissions. So they need your help.

Our proposal ends with “We are entering an era when a comment such as, ‘I read about this travesty…’ will naturally be followed by ‘And what did you do about?’ With the assortment of tools available to address the issue, a response of ‘nothing’ will be unacceptable. Within an issue-community environment just bitching will become socially unacceptable.” 

There’s a $5,000,000 grant pool to be shared by the winners. See our Issue-Communities page. (Commons photo courtesy of Geoffrey Rockwell.)  

Learn more about The Campaign for .nyc on our wiki pages.

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