It’s a dream come true.  Anyone who has had a passion or solution to a problem lives for the day when his / her ideas are being adopted.  It’s an indescribable thrill to have those ideas be a crucial part of City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s State of the City address on Feb 12, 2009!  As you can see from all the content on this website putting a city on the Internet is a big job that Tom and the staff at have been tackling for almost a decade.  We’ve been going to civic meetings and bring the ideas we’ve culled to the technology organizations that are anxious to use their skills for the love of NYC. This is an exciting moment in technology and city history!


Filed February 13th, 2009 under Hannah Kopelman, City Council, City-TLDs
  1. Think that not to manage to begin domain in 2009. Want you good luck!

    Comment by Kazan's tatar on March 16, 2009 at 5:40 am

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