ICANN-Seoul.1.JPG­Seoul, October 24, 2009 - This is a new category of post for our blog. Where typically we take some measure of care in making blog posts - as contrasted with our wiki where free ideas and misspellings prevail - these updates from Seoul will keep our supporters appraised of our efforts here. As well, they willhave­ a bit of a personal time and distance travelogue flavor to it. I hope it helps people understand where we stand and what we need to make .nyc the digital infrastructure for the coming decades.

By way of background, I’ve been pursuing the .nyc Top Level domain for about a decade and have come to Seoul at a point when the city of New York has issued a Request for Proposals for an entity to assist it with the acquisition and development of the .nyc TLD. I’m here to work out the details of our response to the RFP, due November 12.

The RFP calls for the submission of two proposals, an Open and a Closed plan. Think of an Open .nyc as operating somewhat similar to the way .com is operated - do with the names as you please, first-come-first-served, little to no oversight or order. Closed is more community oriented with a thoughtful planning process going into the initial allocation of names. The Closed is the model that we’ve been after from day one (see our May 26 RFI to city), but apparently we’ve not succeeded in convincing the city that it’s the best way to go, thus they are demanding both Open and Closed responses to their RFP. With city-TLDs new animals, i.e., there is no  decent experience to draw upon, it’s a reasonable direction for the city to take. Also, with New York City serving in a leadership position amongst global cities, many will be watching its direction for lessons on how best to develop their city-TLDs.

So I’m here in Seoul - arrived yesterday at 4 AM - and the sky is lightening at 6:41 AM. It’s 54 degrees and my body thinks it’s still in NYC. [Post 6:43 AM - Seoul.]

 I’m off to breakfast in a few minutes and then to depart for the conference hotel at about 8. I’m told it’s about three miles away. (Took the subway “Metro” from the airport yesterday and will  continue to use it. It’s huge, perhaps larger than ours, clean, and crowded, like ours. I was amused that when waiting for the train the people would lineup one behind another in two orderly lines on either side the the doors. But when when the train arrived it was much like the scramble back home. Also, for fare I bought a CityPass+, which is like a Metrocard on steroids. More on that later as I experience it.)  There are several conference sessions today with the full schedule starting on Monday. The schedule. [Post 7:10 AM - Seoul.]  

Just returned from  a delightful breakfast where I had the pleasure of meeting Amadeu Abril i Abril, former member of the ICANN board of directors and founder of the .cat TLD, which is serving for Catalonians somewhat in the role we hope .nyc will for New Yorkers. It’s always a delight to see Amadeu, but he did say we are further from the conference hotel than I thought. So the next time I post it will be from there. [Post 8:24 AM - Seoul.]  

What I hope to accomplish here is to solidify our partnerships for the November 12 filing deadline, learn more about the ICANN newest draft Guidebook - instructions on how to acquire a new TLD, and to learn more about the ICANN’s new, more independent position vis a vis the U.S. government and the global community, and to learn from this about how we might better govern the .nyc TLD. (That “we” is the regal we of the residents of New York City. See our Governance Ecology pages for more on this.)  [Post 9:32 AM - Seoul.]  

It’s 10:03 AM and I’m still at the hotel having worked to add the list of reserved domain names from DoITT’s RFP to our Domain Name Allocation Page - see the right sidebar. We will course be adding to this in our submission and invite residents to chime in with their suggestions.  [Post 10:07 AM - Seoul.]  

Arrived at the opulent Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul. Very little overt ICANN activity with the few meetings dealing with electing officers to newly formed “Houses” to the Domain Name Support Organization. I’m outside the room where the Non-Contractual House is electing officers. The Contracted House met earlier.  [Post 11:50 AM - Seoul.]  This is all tied into an incredibly complex ICANN governance process, which recently changed. I’ll try to update this soon.

It’s now 6:21 PM here in Seoul and I just returned to my hotel. Ate and crashed.

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