Julia-Burns.JPGSydney, November 23, 2009 - I have been admiring your project and I am looking forward to seeing it grow to Sydney (my hometown). It is great that you have involved so many different parties and individuals from across your city.

­However, I am concerned by the lack of regard for privacy in this project. My understanding is that if one is to open a domain with .nyc, that they will sacrifice their private details to an accessible database (whois). This includes details such as home address, phone number, and private internet activity.

Although I value having a good quality domain name and connections with local residents, my privacy is much more important. ­How can I use .nyc but still protect my private information? What regulations have been set in place regarding privacy? - Julia Burns (Photo of a “twitter performance” by Ms. Burns .) (See our wiki page on privacy and security.)

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  1. Thanks Julia.

    Here’s a page on our privacy thoughts: https://www.coactivate.org/projects/campaign-for.nyc/privacy-and-security . We’ve not done enough on this and it shows: the RFP for .nyc doesn’t mention privacy once!

    We’re reaching our for a privacy advocate to help us look into this issue. Below is the public notice we recently issued for a Privacy Advocate. If you know anyone who might be interested, please send her our way.


    Tom Lowenhaupt, Director, Connecting.nyc Inc.

    For general release…

    Connecting.nyc Inc., a N.Y.S. not-for-profit, is leading the effort to develop the .nyc TLD - like .com and .org but just for New York City - as a public interest resource. We see a thoughtfully developed .nyc providing a digital infrastructure upon which we can build a more prosperous, creative, and livable city.

    While we’d like to think of our effort as being all good, the reality is that a more effective Internet increases the potential for encroachments to our personal space – our privacy. And while we are all in favor of a more open and transparent world, especially as far as government data and process are concerned, too much O+T raises the specter of our every action being recorded - the norm for things digital - and coming back to haunt us, thereby reducing our freedom to explore and express.

    We’re searching for a Privacy Advocate to look deeply into the closely networked community the .nyc TLD will help create, find potential privacy violations and recommend alternatives or precautions.

    We will advocate for the incorporation of the Advocate’s findings into the TLD’s basic design. As well, the findings will be included in our privacy education campaign.

    This is a challenging and important (but unsalaried) position.

    It is vital that we fill this position as soon as possible as the city of New York has issued a Request for Proposals soliciting a partner for .nyc’s development. Privacy was not once mentioned in the RFP.

    To learn about the work we’ve done on privacy to date, see our Privacy & Security wiki page. Other contact information for the undersigned and our organization is provided below.


    Tom Lowenhaupt

    Thomas Lowenhaupt, Founder and Chair
    Connecting.nyc Inc.
    Jackson Hts., NYC 11372
    718 639 4222
    Web - Wiki - Blog

    Comment by Thomas Lowenhaupt on December 6, 2009 at 6:30 pm

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